MQTT Security Fundamentals


Why security is paramount for IoT applications

MQTT Security Fundamentals

In our digital and global world security is prominent every day, it doesn’t matter if you are making a bank transfer, buying stuff online or access personal documents over the internet. The idea of the Internet of Things is to connect every object in order to make process more efficient, provide more comfort or improve our business and personal life. But connecting objects like cars, homes, machines also exposes lots of sensitive data. There are different kinds of data, which are not meant for the public and should be protected by the pillars of information security: confidentiality, integrity and availability. The risks of data being leaked is often a big damage to the reputation of the affected companies. So with more and more data being collected every day and more devices being around in our lives security is a topic that is crucial and more important than ever.

Securing MQTT in 10 articles

In this article series we look at how to make sure your sensible data transferred over MQTT is safe and sound.

MQTT Security Basics

How to secure MQTT

Further security concepts and their implementation with MQTT

Hope you enjoy the series.

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