MQTT, the lingua franca for constrained things and devices

MQTT provides a scalable and cost efficient way to connect your devices over the internet. It is capable of delivering messages in near real time and guarantees their delivery. Connect thousands of devices to your business, sending instant updates and broadcast push notifications is where MQTT truly excels. It’s made for devices and is lightweight on the wire, enabling low-cost device communication that scales with your business.

An open protocol designed for the Internet of things

MQTT is an open protocol, standardized by OASIS and ISO (ISO/IEC 20922:2016). It is widely adopted by many devices and companies worldwide for data exchange with constrained devices or products out in the field. MQTT keeps bandwidth at an absolute minimum and deals with unreliable networks without complex error handling and a huge implementation effort. It was made for keeping an steady line to your devices at a minimal cost supporting real push notifications and near real time communication.

Paradigm shift from request/response to publish/subscribe

MQTT is based on the publish/subscribe paradigm. This enables easy broadcasting of messages from one publisher to many subscribers. Messages from a huge amount of publishers to a few subscribers is covered as well. Additionally the connection is built-up from the client side, which makes a bidirectional communication possible without NAT translation issues.

We are MQTT experts

Since 2012 we work with MQTT every single day. Our goal is to make it easy for enterprises leveraging MQTT to it’s full potential. We have learned the hard way, how to build a highly scalable MQTT broker with massive throughput and enterprise-grade security. Working around slow backend subscribers, enabling deep integration of the broker in your existing enterprise systems is our expertise. We can handle elastic clustering and tune operating systems to make 1 million connections on a single server a reality.

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