The Messaging and Data Exchange Protocol of the IoT


MQTT is the standard messaging and data exchange protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT). The MQTT protocol provides a scalable and cost-efficient way to connect devices over the Internet. You can use MQTT to deliver data over the Internet in near real-time with predefined guarantees of delivery. Connecting millions of IoT devices to your business infrastructure, sending instant updates, and moving data efficiently is where MQTT truly excels.

MQTT is the top choice of major companies worldwide for data exchange with constrained devices and server applications. This widespread adoption is in part due to the fact that MQTT is an open protocol that is standardized by OASIS and ISO (ISO/IEC 20922:2016).

The HiveMQ MQTT Broker leads the way in enterprise MQTT deployments. The HiveMQ broker is an MQTT-based messaging platform designed from the ground up for fast and effective movement of data to and from connected IoT devices. The ultra-scalable HiveMQ MQTT broker rates best-of-class in many areas:

  • 100% MQTT compliant
  • reliable data delivery
  • efficient network utilization
  • enterprise-grade security (that can be deployed everywhere, from cloud to on-premise installations)
  • elastic clustering capabilities
  • flexible extension system
  • real-time data monitoring
  • enterprise data integrations

To learn more about real-life MQTT use cases, take a look at how different industries benefit from HiveMQ in production.

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