HiveMQ Solutions

Real-life Use Cases

Find out how different industries benefit from HiveMQ in production

Automotive Solutions


Learn how HiveMQ partners with key OEMs to collaborate on the next generation of connected car platforms.

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Solutions for Transport and Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

HiveMQ provides MQTT based data messaging for transportation and logistics industry, including fleet management systems and drone systems.

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Manufacturing Solutions


For partners in the manufacturing industry HiveMQ offers a reliable and scalable MQTT based solution that meets the demands of a smart factory.

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Energy Solutions


Energy companies rely on HiveMQ to enable their digital transformation and IIOT goals which increases safety, improves productivity, increases efficiency and enhances sustainability.

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Pharma Solutions


IIoT technology is making it possible to automate Pharma Manufacturing operations, optimize supply chains and enable digitized regulatory reporting.

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Chemical Solutions


Accelerate digital transformation, digitization and IIoT for your chemical manufacturing with MQTT Sparkplug.

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HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Kafka

HiveMQ & Apache Kafka

HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Kafka makes it possible to extend Kafka to send and receive IoT device data into a Kafka cluster.

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HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension

HiveMQ Security Solution

Security is a key concern for any IoT application. HiveMQ implements the security features required for safe and secure enterprise IT and OT deployments.

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HiveMQ Kubernetes Operator

HiveMQ & Kubernetes

Learn how the HiveMQ Kubernetes Operator makes it easy to deploy HiveMQ to any Kubernetes environment.

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HiveMQ Kubernetes Operator

HiveMQ & Sparkplug

Sparkplug is based on MQTT and one of the most important communication protocols in smart manufacturing.

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