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HiveMQ Partners

Innovating Together to Unlock Business Potential

HiveMQ collaborates with top providers to optimize customer outcomes. Explore our partners and let's create something extraordinary together.

Our Partner Philosophy

At HiveMQ, we believe in partnering with top-tier technology providers, system integrators, and other partners to solve real-world challenges and deliver added value to our customers. Our partner philosophy centers on leveraging top-rated collective expertise and innovation to deliver robust, tailored solutions that drive success and satisfaction.

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We have partnered with the top cloud vendors to allow you to run our software seamlessly on their platforms.


OEM Partners

Our OEM partners integrate HiveMQ into their solution and offer it as a separate commercial offering. This could be on-premise, as software in a private cloud, or even a SaaS package.

DigiCert is a great example of this type of partnership, their Device Trust Manager is powered by HiveMQ for secure device communications using MQTT.

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Highlighted Technology Partners

HiveMQ technology partners provide technological solutions or platforms that complement or integrate with our offerings to extend the functionality of our MQTT platform.

Highlighted System Integrators and VARs

We certify partners that offer the level of support and experience that ensure successful outcomes for our joint customers. These partners can be a trusted systems integrator, local support team, or distributor.

Partners at HiveMQ

At HiveMQ, we believe in partnering with top-tier technology, system integrators, and other partners to address real-world challenges that help our mutual customers

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