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Reliable Data Movement
for Connected Devices

HiveMQ's MQTT broker makes it easy to move data to and from connected devices in an efficient, fast and reliable manner. We make it possible to build connected products that enable new digital businesses.

Develop Efficient IoT Solutions

IoT applications can generate a LOT of data. It is critical to select a technology that is designed to move IoT data across networks and cloud platforms. HiveMQ's MQTT broker is designed for cloud native deployments to make optimal use of cloud resources. Its use of MQTT reduces network bandwidth required for moving data. Efficient IoT solutions mean lower total costs of operation.
Develop Efficient IoT Solutions with HiveMQ
Connect Any Device

Connect Any Device

A key challenge for any IoT solution is connecting and moving data to and from devices. HiveMQ connects any device and backend system in a reliable and secure manner via the IoT standard protocol MQTT.

Fast and Instant Data Delivery

Your users expect an instant response from IoT products. HiveMQ uses push technology designed for IoT applications to quickly send and receive data from connected devices.
Fast and Instant Data Delivery
HiveMQ offers Business Critical Reliability at Scale

Business Critical Reliability at Scale

HiveMQ is architected for scale and reliability. Our enterprise MQTT broker scales up to 200 million connected devices and uses industry standards to ensure data is not lost. Our customers depend on HiveMQ for business critical IoT systems.

Easy and Flexible Integration with Enterprise Systems

Your IoT data needs to be integrated with existing enterprise systems. HiveMQ has an open API that allows flexible integration of your IoT data into enterprise systems and pre-built extensions for quick integration to other enterprise systems such as Kafka, SQL and NoSQL databases.
Integrate HiveMQ with existing enterprise systems
Use different platforms like Docker, AWS, Kubernetes

Freedom to Run Anywhere

HiveMQ doesn't lock you into one deployment platform. We have a multi-cloud strategy that allows our MQTT broker to be deployed on private, hybrid and public clouds like AWS and Microsoft Azure. HiveMQ is based on the open IoT standard MQTT, so companies have access to a wide variety of MQTT clients from open source communities, like Eclipse Paho, custom built MQTT libraries and libraries direct from HiveMQ. With HiveMQ Cloud we also provide a fully-managed MQTT Cloud Platform that requires no installation or management. Only a few clicks to create an MQTT cloud-broker cluster and you are ready to connect your IoT devices.

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