HiveMQ 3.4 is released!

This version of HiveMQ is the most resilient
and advanced version of HiveMQ ever.


The Enterprise MQTT Broker

Scalable. Secure. Simple.

HiveMQ 10-Million-Benchmark

10 Million Benchmark

HiveMQ is a highly scalable Enterprise MQTT Broker designed for highest throughput.


Integrate your existing systems

HiveMQ is highly extensible with Enterprise Integrations and off-the-shelf Plugins

New to MQTT?

MQTT is a light-weight, open and scalable protocol for the Internet of Things. Near real time delivery of messages in an efficient, cost-effective way, even in unreliable networks, is where MQTT excels. Being an official ISO (ISO/IEC 20922:2016) and OASIS standard, MQTT is used in all major industries for connecting hundreds of thousands of (constrained) devices with minimal effort.
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Meet HiveMQ

HiveMQ is the MQTT broker for the connected enterprise: The puzzle piece between constrained devices and enterprise systems. Leverage its best-in-class performance and scalability to connect your devices today. Enterprise Integrations enable you to handle huge throughput at lowest latency and further process your data. Our MQTT server is scalable, secure and simple with state-of-the-art technology.
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We are MQTT experts

We believe that enterprise connectivity is essential to lift your products and services to the next level. Building HiveMQ, the Enterprise Java MQTT Broker, is our mission to empower your organization to connect thousands of devices and leverage available data in real-time. Our customers profit from our long-standing experience with building MQTT solutions and so can you. Talk to us today how you can stay ahead of your competition by utilizing MQTT for your connected products.
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MQTT Essentials

This is the ultimate MQTT tutorial bringing you up to speed in no time. In the MQTT Essentials you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about the light-weight IoT protocol. It covers the paradigm shift from request/response to publish/subscribe, as well as all MQTT features, best practices and practical guidelines from our year-long experience.
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MQTT Client Library Encyclopedia

Did you know that MQTT libraries are available in almost any programming language? Libraries exist from embedded C for constrained devices up to high level languages like Python. This series gives you a jump-start for using MQTT in all the languages you love. We have gathered all authors of the most popular MQTT clients to give you first-hand information about their libraries in the MQTT Client Encyclopedia.
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MQTT Security Fundamentals

Enterprise-grade security has been a priority for HiveMQ from the beginning, enabling our customers to build secure solutions with state-of-the-art security mechanisms based on industry standards. This blog series explains everything you need to know to secure MQTT. Learn from our best practices and get valuable insights about all security mechanisms MQTT brings to the table.
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