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HiveMQ MQTT Broker

The Trusted Enterprise-Grade MQTT Broker

At the heart of the HiveMQ platform is the MQTT broker, an event-driven messaging platform designed for the fast, efficient, and reliable movement of data to and from connected IoT devices. The HiveMQ broker is 100% compliant with the MQTT protocol and purpose-built for the instant, bi-directional push of data between IoT devices and enterprise systems.

HiveMQ MQTT Platform for Moving IoT Data

HiveMQ Broker is a key component of the HiveMQ platform and is designed for fast, efficient movement of data at scale.

HiveMQ Platform Architecture Overview

Key Features of HiveMQ Broker


Seamless and reliable data communication is essential to building dependable MQTT-based processes, helping businesses optimize operational efficiency, minimize disruptions, and safeguard their reputation for sustained success. The HiveMQ MQTT broker delivers IoT data with enterprise-grade reliability for mission-critical applications.

Zero message loss

  • Persistent messaging by storing all messages to disk 

  • Disk replication and offline message queuing 

  • True quality of service (QoS) support

Reliable communication

  • Automatic throttling if needed, to prevent cluster overload

  • Dynamic queuing across clusters to ensure even load distribution

  • Messages are retained and stored on disk

No single point of failure

  • Masterless cluster architecture

  • Zero downtime upgrades with automatic spawning

  • Cluster can grow and shrink at runtime without losing availability


Scalability ensures that MQTT brokers can handle the increasing number of device connections and messages without latency issues. By adopting the HiveMQ MQTT broker, businesses can scale to millions of connected devices and tens of thousands of messages per second, establishing a robust foundation for long-term growth and success.

Proven benchmarks

Elastic scaling

  • Architected with a truly distributed and masterless cluster architecture

  • Automatic data balancing across nodes and clusters  

  • Smart message distribution across cluster nodes

Linear scalability

  • Scale from 2 to 100+ nodes with consistent hashing algorithm both vertically and horizontally

  • Automatic data and message balancing  

  • Support for Kubernetes, OpenShift and DC/OS makes it possible to automatically scale HiveMQ

Enterprise Grade

The enterprise-ready HiveMQ MQTT broker is designed to handle large-scale deployments and high message volumes. Purpose-built for robust IoT applications, the HiveMQ broker can meet the needs of larger organizations that demand high reliability, security, and management capabilities for their MQTT-based communication infrastructure.

Enterprise-grade security

  • Data transport is secured by industry standard TLS connections, secure websockets and state-of-the-art cipher suites

  • Support for authentication and authorization includes X.509 certs, username/password, and IP-based authentication

  • Security API allows for custom authentication, authorization, and permission logic such as OAuth 2.0 integration

Enterprise interoperability

  • Comprehensive set of extensions support seamless data integration with streaming and analytics platforms 

  • Custom SDK to build tailored extensions to any custom application in any environment

  • Any MQTT compliant client library can be used with HiveMQ to integrate to any device and OT system

Deployment flexibility

  • Choose HiveMQ Cloud, a fully-Managed MQTT Platform custom configured for your needs

  • HiveMQ self-managed can be deployed on a private, hybrid and public cloud 

  • HiveMQ self-managed includes pre-built images that can be deployed on private clouds using Kubernetes, OpenShift and DC/OS

MQTT Compliance

The HiveMQ broker’s complete compliance to the MQTT specification helps maintain consistency, reliability, and compatibility across various devices and platforms that rely on MQTT for messaging and data exchange.

  • 100% compliant with the MQTT 3.1, MQTT 3.1.1 and MQTT 5 specification

  • MQTT 3 and MQTT 5 clients can communicate simultaneously

  • Support for all advanced features like topic wildcards, persistent sessions with offline queuing, and retained messages

  • Full support for all Quality of Service levels at scale


Compliant to specification

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