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Free Public MQTT Broker

Free Public MQTT Broker by HiveMQ

Our Public HiveMQ MQTT broker is open for anyone to use. Feel free to write an MQTT client that connects with this broker. We also keep a list of MQTT client libraries that can be used to connect to HiveMQ.

You can access the MQTT broker securely at:


TCP Port: 1883

Websocket Port: 8000

TLS TCP Port: 8883

TLS Websocket Port: 8884

Free MQTT Browser Client by HiveMQ

The HiveMQ MQTT Browser Client is an MQTT WebSocket client interface. Use any modern browser on any device as a full-fledged MQTT client and take full advantage of the MQTT protocol.

  • No need to download and install

  • Works on all operating systems

  • Full support for MQTT 3.1

  • Works with any HiveMQ MQTT broker with websockets

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