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Fast-track IoT and IIoT App Dev Cycles with Reliable MQTT Clients

About HiveMQ Client Libraries

HiveMQ MQTT Client Libraries are designed to simplify the deployment and implementation of MQTT clients and offer users top-notch functionality, performance, security, and reliability. Programming languages supported include C#, C++, Java, Websockets, Python, and more.

These client libraries are freely available, open-sourced, developed, and maintained by a dedicated team of industry experts at HiveMQ.

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Here’s why you should use HiveMQ MQTT Client Libraries

Supercharge your app development cycle

  • Use high-quality, open-sourced MQTT Client Libraries to build IoT and IIoT applications quickly and easily.
Reliable MQTT Client Libraries
Quick-and-Easy MQTT application development

Reliability — MQTT Client Libraries built by dedicated industry experts at HiveMQ

  • Built, tested, and maintained by dedicated, industry-leading IoT experts at HiveMQ.
  • Minimize performance issues and outages, which are an inherent risk if sourced from little-known sources.

HiveMQ Client Libraries cover the most popular programming languages

  • MQTT programming languages include C#, Java, Python, Websockets, and more.
Popular programming languages
Open-sourced and freely available

Open-sourced and freely available

  • These Client Libraries are Open-sourced — meant to encourage contributions from the community and set standards

Flexibility to use any MQTT Broker

  • HiveMQ's MQTT Client Libraries are platform-independent, flexible, and free to use.
  • Build applications using these MQTT Client Libraries and run them on any MQTT broker.
Flexibility to use any MQTT Broker.

Featured MQTT Client Libraries

Java Client Library

HiveMQ MQTT C# Client (Beta)

by Peter Lombardo
Java Client Library

HiveMQ MQTT Client

by Clive Jevons
Java Client Library

Eclipse Paho Java

by Dominik Obermaier
Paho Android Service

Paho Android Service

by Sandro Kock
Arduino PubSubClient Service

Arduino PubSubClient

by Nick O’Leary
C Client Library

Eclipse Paho C

by Ian Craggs


by David Garske
C Client Library

Eclipse Paho Embedded

by Ian Craggs
Dart Client Library


by Jean-Noel Guillerme
Go Client Library

Eclipse Paho Go

by Al Stockdill-Mander
Javascript Client Library


by Matteo Collina
Javascript Client Library

Paho Javascript

by James Sutton
Lua Client Library

Eclipse Paho Lua

by Kévin KIN-FOO
Objective C

MQTT Client Framework

Objective-C / iOS by Christoph Krey
PHP Client Library


by Michael Maclean
Python Client Library

Paho Python

by Roger Light
Polymer Client Library


Web Components / Polymer by Sandro Kock
Is your favorite library still missing? Get in touch! Do check out MQTT Glossary to know all the key MQTT terminologies.