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MQTT 5 Essentials

A Technical Deep Dive Into New MQTT 5 Features

MQTT 5 is the biggest and most feature-rich update of the MQTT protocol ever. We wrote the MQTT 5 Essentials series to bring you up to speed with all the exciting new features of MQTT v5 quickly (without reading the whole MQTT specification). This detailed series helps you understand concepts, new features, and other essential information for MQTT v5 - one post at a time.

MQTT 5 Fundamentals

MQTT 5 represents a significant evolution of the MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) protocol, especially tailored for the Internet of Things (IoT) era. This updated version introduces a range of features and improvements that enhance its reliability, security, and overall functionality. Dive into MQTT 5 to discover how it enables more efficient and robust communication in IoT networks, making it an essential tool for connecting and managing devices in a connected world.

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Why you need it and some potential pitfalls.

  • 06:58 - Publish/Subscribe
  • 08:18 - MQTT History
  • 12:18 - MQTT 5 Overview
  • 15:03 - MQTT 5 New features that are game-changers
  • 35:20 - Small improvements
  • 36:39 - Potential Pitfalls of MQTT 5
  • 44:15 - Broker compatibility
  • 46:40 - Client compatibility
  • 49:33 - Should you upgrade yet?
  • 49:45 - HiveMQ Kafka Extensions
  • 51:15 - Webinar summary
  • 54:18 - Q&A

MQTT 5 Features

  • Custom Headers and User Properties

  • Reason Codes and Negative Acknowledgements

  • Payload Format and Content Types

  • Server Disconnect

  • Connect Options

  • Session Expiry

  • Message Expiry

  • Shared Subscriptions

  • Content Type Indication

  • Request / Response Pattern

  • Subscription Identifier

  • Topic Alias

  • Flow Control

  • Optional Server Feature Availability

  • Enhanced Authentication Mechanisms

  • Subscription Options

  • Will Delay

  • Server Keep-Alive

  • Maximum Packet Size

  • Assigned Client Identifiers

  • Server Reference

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