HiveMQ and Security

Ensure Safe and Secure Enterprise IoT Deployments

HiveMQ is designed from the ground up with maximum security in mind. For mission-critical IoT and M2M scenarios, secure end-to-end encrypted communication and advanced authentication and authorization features are essential. HiveMQ gives you the flexibility to enable the specific security features that your individual use case requires.

Key Security Features with HiveMQ

Secure MQTT Communication with HiveMQ

Secure Comms

  • Secure communication between HiveMQ and MQTT clients

  • Secure communication between HiveMQ cluster nodes

High-end Encryption with HiveMQ MQTT Platform


  • Native TLS/SSL support for increased performance

  • Encryption at Transport Layer vs Encryption at Application Layer

Authentication and Authorization

Authentication and Authorization

  • Configurable via custom security extensions

  • Support from simple username/password to fine-grained RBAC.

Java Key Stores

Java Key Stores

  • Support for Java Key and Trust Stores

  • Dynamic loading and run time

OCSP stapling

OCSP stapling

  • Allows an OCSP responder to determine the revocation status of an SSL certificate

  • Reduces network traffic and increases performance.

Tracing and Logging of MQTT Messages

Tracing and Logging

  • Configurable access log for MQTT clients

  • Audit log for Control Center actions

HiveMQ Security Architecture

HiveMQ Security Architecture

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