HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension

Enterprise Extension

Purpose: Security
Version: 4.9.0    |   License: Commercial
Provider: HiveMQ    |   Verified: yes


The HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension makes it possible to integrate existing enterprise security systems into your HiveMQ device authentication and authorization workflow. The extension makes it possible to provide a single source of truth for device authentication and authorization information across multiple HiveMQ brokers operating in a cluster and provides a single source of management for the security information.

HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extensions includes the following capabilities:

Evaluation License

HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension is available for free download and evaluation. This extension only works with HiveMQ Professional or HiveMQ Enterprise.

The evaluation version is limited to operate for only 5 hours. You will need to restart HiveMQ each time you want to reset the 5-hour limit. Please contact HiveMQ sales if you would like a longer evaluation license.

How to install

Need HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension for an older HiveMQ version? Get the download here.

Need help?

We're always happy to answer any questions you may have during installation. The best place to get in contact is our support team.

Contact Sales

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