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HiveMQ Platform Operator for Kubernetes

Deploy and Orchestrate HiveMQ Platforms in any Kubernetes Environment

Install the new Operator now

helm repo add hivemq 

helm install hivemq hivemq/hivemq-platform-operator

Why use the New HiveMQ Platform Operator?


Quick Deployment in Kubernetes

Use this purpose-built tool to deploy, operate, and maintain your HiveMQ platforms in Kubernetes.


Seamless HiveMQ Upgrades

Experience zero-downtime (continuous availability) of the HiveMQ platform during software upgrades.


Full Observability

We offer easy integration with Prometheus and expose all HiveMQ metrics for comprehensive monitoring.


Easy Extension Integration

At runtime, install and configure HiveMQ enterprise and custom extensions; update configurations without restarting pods.

What's in the New Operator?

Here are a few notable new features in the HiveMQ Platform Operator for Kubernetes:


Responsive Updates for the HiveMQ Platform

We improved reconciliation between the desired and actual state for the HiveMQ platform, enhancing uptime and reliability while maintaining updates.

  • Manage multiple HiveMQ Platform deployments with one operator.


Simplified Configuration

HiveMQ Platforms are now deployed with a standard Kubernetes StatefulSet.

  • Configure StatefulSet options, including "podAffinity," "tolerations," or any other configurations.

  • Configure Kubernetes Service details, including annotations for special LoadBalancers and many others.


Improve Operability On-premise or the Cloud

The new HiveMQ Health API provides endpoints for readiness and liveness for HiveMQ Platform nodes.

  • Easily monitor HiveMQ Platform status changes through standard Kubernetes events.

  • Expanded Operator logging allows monitoring via standard metrics and exporting to Prometheus.


Predefined HiveMQ Platform Helm Charts

Use the pre-defined Helm Charts in the HiveMQ Platform Operator to quickly deploy and manage HiveMQ platforms. Customize the default settings to meet unique business needs.


Create Custom Container Images

Easily create custom container images for HiveMQ with greater deployment flexibility and customization options.


Standard Kubernetes ConfigMap

Configure your HiveMQ Platform and provide the configuration file as a standard Kubernetes ConfigMap.

The HiveMQ Kubernetes Solution Architecture


HiveMQ Kubernetes Operator (legacy)

The legacy operator will continue to support the current HiveMQ LTS 4.9 release and every HiveMQ version until the next LTS release.

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