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HiveMQ MQTT Client Libraries

Fast-track IoT and IIoT App Dev Cycles with Reliable MQTT Clients

HiveMQ MQTT Client Libraries are designed to simplify the deployment and implementation of MQTT clients and offer users top-notch functionality, performance, security, and reliability. Programming languages supported include C#, C++, Java, Websockets, Python, and more.

Why Use HiveMQ MQTT Client Libraries?

Our client libraries are freely available, open-sourced, developed, and maintained by a dedicated team of industry experts at HiveMQ. They offer the following benefits:

High-quality MQTT Client for IoT/IIoT


Supercharge your app development cycle by using high-quality, open-sourced MQTT Client Libraries to build IoT and IIoT applications quickly and easily.

Reliable MQTT Client for IoT/IIoT


Built, tested, and maintained by dedicated, industry-leading IoT experts at HiveMQ. Minimize performance issues and outages by getting them from the source.

Comprehensive MQTT Client Library for IoT/IIoT


HiveMQ Client Libraries cover the most popular programming languages - including C#, Java, Python, C, and more.

Flexible MQTT Client for IoT/IIoT


Open sourced, platform-independent, and free to use. Build applications using these MQTT Client Libraries with any MQTT broker.

Other Featured MQTT Client Libraries

Eclipse Paho C Client Library

From Eclipse Paho, this code builds libraries which enable applications to connect to an MQTT broker to publish messages, and to subscribe to topics and receive published messages.

Wialon GMQTT Python MQTT Client

Python async MQTT client implementation support. If your broker does not support MQTT 5.0, client will downgrade to 3.1 and reconnect automatically.

Eclipse Paho Android Service

The Paho Android Service is an interface to the Paho Java MQTT Client library for the Android Platform. The MQTT connection is encapsulated within an Android-Service that runs in the background

Eclipse Paho JavaScript MQTT Client

The Eclipse Paho project provides a number of open-source clients of the MQTT and MQTT-SN messaging protocols. The Paho JavaScript client is a browser based library that takes advantage of WebSockets

Eclipse Paho Java MQTT Client

This is a Java version of Eclipse Paho MQTT client. It is rock-solid and is used by a broad range of companies from different industries around the world to connect to MQTT brokers.

Arduino PubSubClient MQTT Client

Built for the PubSubClient for the Arduino open-source electronics platform. It only supports Clean Sessions and does not support QoS 2 messages as there is such limited memory and no standard persistence mechanism.

wolfMQTT Client Library

Written in C for embedded use, it supports SSL/TLS via the wolfSSL library. It supports all Packet Types, all Quality of Service (QoS) levels 0-2 and supports SSL/TLS using the wolfSSL library. This implementation supports the MQTT v3.1.1, MQTT v5.0 and MQTT-SN v1.2 specifications.

Embedded MQTT C/C++ Client Libraries

The libraries can be used on desktop operating systems, but are primarily aimed for environments such as mbed, Arduino and FreeRTOS.

MQTT.DART MQTT Client Library

This is an mqtt client written in Dart. It can be used in the browser (over websocket) or the VM (over socker or websocket).

Eclipse Paho Go MQTT Client

The Paho Go Client provides an MQTT client library for connection to MQTT brokers via TCP, TLS or WebSockets


A full-featured Javascript library that is fully isomorphic making it ideal for browsers, Intel Edison and Raspberry PIs. Bundled in base image of the Intel Edison.

Paho Lua Client library

Implements client-side subset of the MQTT 3.1. A text editor based client ideal for rapid development of simple MQTT client applications on many platforms.


A native Objective-C iOS library, which uses CFNetwork for networking and CoreData for persistence. Support complete implementation of MQTT 3.1.1 and supports TLS.

Mosquitto-PHP MQTT Client Library

A a wrapper for the client library from the Mosquitto MQTT broker. Works with PHP version 5.3 and greater.

Paho MQTT Python Client

Implements a client class that can be used to add MQTT support to your Python program.

mqtt-elements MQTT Client Library

Built on top of MQTT.js to expose the mqtt functionality as a custom HTML-Element.

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