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HiveMQ Control Center

MQTT Monitoring and Management Solution

The HiveMQ Control Center provides the management tools and analytics required by administrators to monitor and maintain a deployed HiveMQ system. The Control Center provides a dashboard for monitoring the health of the system, a client overview, and advanced analytics to identify irregular behavior.

Dashboard View of HiveMQ Control Center

Dashboard View

The Dashboard allows an administrator to monitor the overall health of a HiveMQ MQTT broker deployment. It provides real-time monitoring on the number of MQTT client sessions, inbound/outbound publish rate, subscriptions, retained messages and queued messages. Each individual HiveMQ node can also be queried for performance stats pertaining to the node.

MQTT Client Overview on HiveMQ Platform

Client Overview

The Control Center provides a snapshot of all the MQTT client sessions. This overview allows for filtering based on Client ID, Connection Status, Client name and IP address. From the client overview an administrator can drill down into a specific client information.

Client Details on HiveMQ MQTT Platform

Client Details

The client detail view provides all the detailed information about an MQTT client session, including client IP, Keep Alive time period, TLS information, Last Will and Testament, etc. From the client detail view, an administrator is also able to complete the following tasks:

  • disconnect client

  • remove client session

  • add and remove subscription and shared subscription topics for the client.

Dropped Messages Analytics on HiveMQ Control Center

Analytics - Dropped Messages

HiveMQ Control Center offers a wide range of analytics functionality. One such view is an analysis of messages not published by a broker, called dropped messages. The dropped message view can provide information about:

  • Reason for dropped messages.

  • Clients for which messages have been dropped.

  • Shared subscriptions groups for which messages have been dropped.

Trace Recordings on HiveMQ Control Center

Trace Recordings

A Trace Recording is a combination of filters which allows you to select messages of specific clients or topics, which are logged to a file in a human readable format. Trace recording are very useful for diagnostics and debugging irregular behaviour in a client.

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