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Unlock the Power of IoT for Asset Performance Management

HiveMQ helps companies enable asset performance management (APM) to ensure assets are functioning optimally and efficiently in industries including energy, manufacturing, and transportation and logistics. The reliable and scalable HiveMQ MQTT platform helps companies connect to their assets to optimize performance and extend their lifespan.

What are the Benefits of Asset Performance Management?

Asset performance management (APM) is an IoT use case that focuses on monitoring and analyzing the operational performance and health of assets to ensure they are functioning optimally and efficiently. Companies are turning to APM to manage the availability, reliability, maintainability, and overall lifecycle of assets.

Increase asset lifespan using IIoT and MQTT

Increase asset lifespan

Extend the operational lifespan of assets by ensuring they are well-maintained and operate in optimal conditions.

Reduce downtime in asset performance management with MQTT and IoT

Reduce downtime

Address potential problems before they escalate to keep assets operational and avoid costly interruptions.

Reduce maintenance costs

Reduce maintenance costs

Address issues in their early stages to prevent the need for more extensive and expensive repairs down the line.

Optimize resource allocation

Optimize resource allocation

Allocate maintenance resources more effectively by focusing on assets that need attention, optimizing labor and spare parts usage.

Key Industries Where HiveMQ Enables Asset Performance Management

HiveMQ is widely used for asset performance management across a variety of industries. Here are some of the most common:

Transportation and logistics

Transportation and Logistics

Asset performance management activates critical ROI on transportation and logistics assets like vehicles, shipping containers, robots, and more. HiveMQ allows transportation and logistics companies to remotely monitor assets, manage lifecycle, and maintain health with the following benefits:

  • Reduced downtime and unplanned maintenance 

  • Extended asset lifespan 

  • Improved capital investment decisions

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MQTT and IoT for Energy Sector


Asset performance management activates critical ROI on energy equipment like upstream oil wells, midstream pipelines, refinery equipment, windmills, utility grids, and more. HiveMQ allows energy companies to remotely monitor assets, manage lifecycle, and maintain health with the following benefits:

  • Reduced maintenance expenditure 

  • Increased asset performance

  • Improved asset lifecycle management 

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Why HiveMQ for Asset Performance Management?

The HiveMQ MQTT platform facilitates the reliable and efficient communication of data between IoT devices and backend systems including the transmission of sensor data, performance metrics, and other relevant information from assets to APM applications. The key benefits are:

Business Critical Reliability

Business Critical Reliability

Operate mission-critical systems reliably 24/7 with zero message loss and redundant clustering technology.

Scalability to Support Growth

Scalability to Support Growth

Add any number of assets and scale to millions of connected devices seamlessly with a linear design for scalability.

Flexible Integration

Flexible Integration

Focus on your core business instead of using developer resources with data integration into enterprise applications and infrastructure like Apache Kafka.

End-to-End Security

End-to-End Security

Ensure applications and data meet the highest security standards with end-to-end encryption and configurable security controls.

Observable Insights

Observable Insights

Troubleshoot and keep all systems running as planned with tools and metrics for transparency and observability.



Achieve rapid time-to-value with a platform that is flexible enough to deploy on-premise, in any cloud, or via the fully-managed and feature-rich HiveMQ Cloud offering.

Business Value Pricing

HiveMQ prices its offerings based on the value you derive, not on speed and feeds. We provide an aggregated view across the deployment and price based on the unique needs and requirements for IoT projects. Specifically, we offer pricing based on:

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Number of Locations

How many sites or locations do you need to support? What are the connectivity requirements per location, e.g. how many devices and protocols need to be supported per location?


Message Throughput

Based on the number of devices, sites, and frequency of communication we can help determine the message throughput requirements to meet your business SLAs.

Hybrid Deployment

Deployment Options

Do you need us to run the software for you, or will you self-manage the deployment? What is the business level SLA that needs to be maintained?

Time Commitment

Are you looking for a multi-year deal or to renew each year?

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