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HiveMQ MQTT Platform Overview

Setting the Enterprise Standard for MQTT

Connect, communicate, and control IoT data with HiveMQ

HiveMQ Platform Architecture Overview

Connect, communicate, and control IoT data with HiveMQ

Connect seamlessly via MQTT, communicate reliably across connected devices, and control IoT data with confidence.

Connect any machine with MQTT

Connect any machine with MQTT

Support for Sparkplug
Sparkplug adds additional context to MQTT data to get the most out of IIoT deployments. HiveMQ is a fully Sparkplug compatible broker as defined by the latest Sparkplug 3.0 specification. 

HiveMQ Edge
HiveMQ Edge converts proprietary OT protocols like Modbus and OPC-UA into the MQTT format at the edge, simplifying the integration of manufacturing data with enterprise and cloud applications.

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Integrate HiveMQ MQTT Platform with Kafka, MongoDB, InfluxDB, Amazon Kinesis, etc.

Flexible by design

Stream how you like
Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, Google Pub/Sub, and more

Use any language
Client support for Java, C, C++, C#, Python, and other popular languages

Choose your database
PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, InfluxDB, and more

Roll your own
With the HiveMQ Java SDK

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Accelerate your IoT dev cycles with MQTT

Accelerate your IoT dev cycles

HiveMQ MQTT Client Libraries
HiveMQ produces reliable and performant open-source MQTT clients, and supports other MQTT-compliant clients to simplify development cycles.

HiveMQ's open API lets applications send and receive data as JSON objects over standard HTTP and secure HTTPS.

Client Libraries

HiveMQ has delivered the stability and reliability that we required for our system. We have been running the VDS using HiveMQ for 4 years and the HiveMQ broker has not gone down. It is rock solid, completely reliable. When we do have to restart the broker, it is a very fast process so our downtime is minimal. This is very important since we can’t stop the factory assembly line.

Marius Hertfelder


Mercedes Benz

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Reliable under real-world stress

Zero message loss
QoS 2 support, persistent messaging, and replication to disk

Consistent communication
Connection limiting, cluster overload protection, and automatic throttling

No single point of failure
Masterless cluster architecture for redundant communication

Zero-downtime upgrades
Seamless upgrades on both cloud and self-managed deployments

Scale without limits with HiveMQ MQTT Platform

Scale without limits

Elastic scale
Scale with masterless load balancing, automatic data balancing, and smart message distribution across cluster nodes.

Grow with you
Start with a POC or small deployment and seamlessly scale up to millions of connections as the use case evolves.

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Run MQTT Broker from anywhere – on the cloud, on-prem, or on the edge

Run anywhere

Cloud or on-premise
On premise, in a public or private cloud, or as a managed service

For our self-managed offering
Manage cluster lifecycle with support for Kubernetes Operators, OpenShift, and DC/OS 

For our fully-managed Cloud offering
Run on your favorite cloud provider in the region of your choice

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Distributed Tracing of MQTT Messages with HiveMQ

Find issues faster

Distributed tracing
HiveMQ is the only MQTT broker that provides end-to-end visibility into MQTT PUBLISH messages across the IoT ecosystem. 

Real-time KPI dashboard
Distributed tracing and the HiveMQ Control Center combines logging and 2000+ monitoring metrics to make any MQTT deployment fully observable.

Enterprise-grade security with HiveMQ MQTT Broker

Enterprise-grade security

  • TLS / SSL Encryption

  • Authentication & authorization

  • Configurable security controls

  • Integration with third party enterprise security systems

HiveMQ Data Hub – Ensure IoT data quality

Ensure IoT data quality

HiveMQ Data Hub

HiveMQ Data Hub adds an integrated policy engine to the platform that can validate, enforce, and manipulate data in motion, ensuring data integrity and quality.

View HiveMQ Data Hub

A big reason we chose HiveMQ is that we can run HiveMQ everywhere: AWS, Google, Azure, really on any cloud or on-premise. We can run HiveMQ on top of OpenShift or Kubernetes. There is no vendor lock-in with HiveMQ and we aren’t forced to send our data to a single vendor’s platform. The ability to run HiveMQ on-premise or on customer-provided infrastructure is also an important requirement. HiveMQ gives us this freedom.

Bernd Vogt


Software Architect, ZF

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