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HiveMQ Cloud

The Fully Managed Enterprise Cloud MQTT Platform

With HiveMQ Cloud, companies can develop, test, deploy, and scale production IoT use cases without the large investment and complexity of maintaining their own infrastructure.

HiveMQ Cloud Overview

Unlimited connections on HiveMQ Cloud Full-Managed MQTT Broker

Unlimited connections

Take advantage of unlimited connections on any paid plan. Choose a plan that suits your IoT application and business needs, then add connections seamlessly as you grow.

Fully-managed MQTT Broker


Develop, test, deploy, and scale production IoT use cases anywhere without worrying about setup, maintenance, updates, or maintaining infrastructure.

Regulatory Compliance

SOC 2 and ISO compliant

HiveMQ Cloud is SOC 2 Type 1 and ISO/IEC 27001 compliant, demonstrating our commitment to robust security and confidentiality practices around your data.

Full MQTT compliant HiveMQ Cloud

MQTT compliant

Take advantage of all advanced MQTT features at scale. HiveMQ Cloud is 100% compliant with the MQTT 3.1, MQTT 3.1.1 and MQTT 5 specifications.

Securer MQTT Connection via HiveMQ Cloud

Secure by design

Ensure IoT data and applications meet the highest security standards with end to end TLS encryption, choice of device authentication methods, and more.

Elastic scale feature in HiveMQ Cloud

Elastic scale

Start with a proof-of-concept or small deployment and seamlessly scale up to millions of connections and thousands of messages per second as the use case evolves.

We found HiveMQ to be true partners with us, their expertise and the willingness of engineers to give us advice was the thing that we loved the most. Once we saw what HiveMQ delivered, selecting them as our MQTT partner was an easy choice. It is very good to have the right people to help us grow our business.

Paul Walling


Chief Engineer, Paxton

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HiveMQ Cloud Plans

Fully-managed, unlimited connections, growing with you



Get Started
No credit card required

A basic MQTT broker for learning and experimenting with MQTT.

A great place to play

  • Shared MQTT platform

  • 100 connections free

  • 10 GB data traffic per month

  • MQTT 3.1, 3.1.1, 5.0

  • MQTT over TLS/SSL

  • Basic authorization rules

  • Websocket support

  • No uptime SLA

  • Basic Support



Starting from $0.34/hour
+ $0.80/million messages

Get Started FREE
15 day trial - no credit card required

Complete MQTT platform for testing and small-scale production.

Everything in Serverless, plus

  • Dedicated MQTT platform

  • Unlimited connections

  • Up to 1MB/s data throughput

  • Client certificate authentication

  • HiveMQ Control Center


  • Data streaming integrations

  • 99.95% Uptime SLA

  • 24/7 Support

  • 8 hours *

    * Priority 1 reaction time


Custom Pricing

Production-ready, complete MQTT platform for scalable workloads.

Everything in Starter, plus

  • Up to 10 MB/s data throughput

  • Advanced analysis

  • Prometheus metrics endpoint

  • Additional integration mappings

  • MQTT Add-ons

  • Distributed tracing

  • Multiple listener support

  • 99.95% Uptime SLA

  • 24/7 Support

  • 4 hours *

    * Priority 1 reaction time


Custom Pricing

Fully customizable MQTT platform for sophisticated workloads.

Everything in Professional, plus

  • Unlimited data throughput

  • Exclusive infrastructure

  • Any region

  • VPC peering

  • Support for custom integrations

  • Dedicated customer success manager

  • 99.99% Uptime SLA

  • 24/7 Support

  • 1 hour *

    * Priority 1 reaction time

  • Dedicated HiveMQ Expert

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HiveMQ Cloud Frequently Asked Questions

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