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Bring the full value of your IoT data to the Google Cloud Platform

Seamless integration with the Google Cloud for data ingestion at hyper-scale

Set your IoT Data Stream in Cruise Control with HiveMQ’s MQTT Platform

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How does HiveMQ’s MQTT platform integrate with the Google Cloud?

The Google Pub/Sub Extension is your Gateway to Google Cloud.

What is the Google Pub/Sub Extension?
HiveMQ’s Google Pub/Sub extension connects its fully-featured MQTT broker to your Google Cloud infrastructure — enabling reliable data ingestion at hyper-scale (from millions of connected devices transmitting billions of messages per day). It is an ideal recourse to the now deprecated Google IoT Core.
HiveMQ integration on Google Cloud
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Continue Using Google Cloud for IoT — without Google IoT Core

You do not need to spend time or resources migrating from Google IoT Core to another solution. HiveMQ’s Google Pub/Sub extension seamlessly integrates with GCP to ingest MQTT Data.

Avoid Vendor Lock-in — Adopt a platform-agnostic solution.

Use our Open-Standards-based solution to build platform-agnostic IoT solutions that can run in a Multi-Cloud environment.
Avoid vendor lock-in
Easy Google Cloud Integration

Easy integration with your data pipelines in Google Cloud

Eliminate dependence on Google IoT Core by directly ingesting data into Google Big Query and other google services (via. Google Pub/Sub).

Ingest IoT data at Hyper-scale.

Proven ability to send billions of messages a day to your GCP environment thanks to the Google Pub/Sub Extension.
IoT Data at hyper-scale
IoT Environment

A solution that adapts to an evolving IoT technology environment

HiveMQ’s solutions are agile by design to ensure we can adjust our solutions as IoT technologies get more sophisticated.

Why HiveMQ?

HiveMQ gets all your IoT data into Google Cloud and helps you unlock its true value.

HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Google Pub Sub Diagram

HiveMQ’s full-featured MQTT broker connects with the Google Cloud to ingest IoT data via Google’s Pub/Sub extension at hyper-scale.

Learn more details about how HiveMQ’s Platform enables seamless bi-directional data transmission
between IoT devices and the Google Cloud.

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HiveMQ delivers tangible value to Google Cloud customers across several verticals: Connected Cars, Manufacturing, Industrial Automation and more.

Large enterprise businesses choose the HiveMQ platform for Google Cloud to enable Monitoring, Analytics, Machine Learning, and several other services. Here is why they choose HiveMQ:


High Availability with clustering, no data loss irrespective of the network quality, highly-rated 24x7 customer support, zero downtime upgrade


HiveMQ supports on-premise or Multi-cloud environments as well as ALL MQTT protocol versions (MQTT 3.x, MQTT 5.x), IIOT standards like Sparkplug, and offers pre-built extensions for integrations with Apache Kafka, Google Pub/sub InfluxDB, and more.


HiveMQ is incredibly simple to set up as it is designed for easy containerization with a Kubernetes Operator and Helm Charts for a short time to value.


Scale to 10M+ devices reliably, efficiently, and securely with baked-in functionality like masterless clustering for zero-downtime upgrades.


Feature-rich Control Center gives visibility and control of connections and clients. Distributed Tracing support helps remove all blind spots in the application flow and helps maximize the value from your APM investments.


Adapts to your security posture with full support for TLS, Open SSL and features like Connection Overload Protection to thwart denial of service attacks.