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The Best MQTT Solution for Google Cloud

Stream Data in Real-Time to Google Cloud

Google Cloud Pub/Sub enables real-time data streaming and synchronization for event-driven architectures. The HiveMQ Extension for Google Cloud Pub/Sub securely streams MQTT data bi-directionally to Google Cloud applications.

HiveMQ and Google Cloud Overview

HiveMQ and Google Cloud offer an end-to-end solution for connecting IoT deployments and systems to Google Cloud infrastructure. HiveMQ is trusted as the enterprise standard for reliable, scalable real-time communication in constrained IoT environments.

HiveMQ and Google Cloud Architecture

Why Choose HiveMQ to integrate MQTT data with Google Cloud?

Achieve Business Critical Reliability with HiveMQ MQTT Platform

Business Critical Reliability

Operate mission-critical systems reliably 24/7 with zero message loss and redundant clustering technology.

Get Scalability to Support Growth with HiveMQ MQTT Platform

Scalability to Support Growth

Add any number of assets and scale to millions of connected devices seamlessly with a linear design for scalability.

Get Flexible Integration with HiveMQ MQTT Platform

Flexible Integration

HiveMQ offers data integration extensions for databases, data analytics platforms, and major hyperscalers including Google Cloud.

Have End-to-End Security with HIveMQ MQTT Platform

End-to-End Security

Ensure applications and data meet the highest security standards with end-to-end encryption and configurable security controls.

Get Observable Insights with HiveMQ MQTT Platform

Observable Insights

Troubleshoot and keep all systems running as planned with tools and metrics for transparency and observability.

HiveMQ MQTT Platform is Simple-to-Deploy


Achieve rapid time-to-value with a platform that is flexible enough to deploy on-premise, in any cloud, or via the fully-managed and feature-rich HiveMQ Cloud offering.

Enterprise Extension for Google Pub/Sub

Google Pub/Sub Extension Overview

Circumvent the deprecated Google IoT Core. Stream MQTT data in real-time and harness the advanced analytics and processing capabilities of Google Cloud.

  • Solves the difficulty of using Google Pub/Sub for IoT by seamlessly integrating MQTT messages into the Google Pub/Sub messaging flow.

  • Use flexible extension configuration to leverage Google Pub/Sub Data and unlock the use of further Google data processing services on MQTT data.

  • Forward MQTT messages from IoT devices to one or more Google Pub/Sub Data Streams via your HiveMQ broker.

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  • 00:10 - Google IoT Core is being retired on August 16, 2023
  • 00:42 - Why Choose HiveMQ, a full-feature MQTT broker, as a replacement to Google IoT Core
  • 00:50 - Reason 1. HiveMQ is based on open standards
  • 01:24 - Reason 2. Scalability and reliability of HiveMQ
  • 02:04 - Reason 3. Deep integration with Google Cloud. HiveMQ has an extension for Google PubSub.
  • 02:33 - What are the main capabilities of Google PubSub Extension from HiveMQ?

Explore the Best Alternative to Google Cloud IoT Core

Google has deprecated Google IoT Core. HiveMQ has a proven, viable solution that works seamlessly to send data to Google Cloud.

HiveMQ and Google Resources

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