The Best Alternative to Google Cloud IoT Core for Integrating Your MQTT Data with GCP

The Best Alternative to Google Cloud IoT Core for Integrating Your MQTT Data with GCP

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Published: August 17, 2022

Google just announced deprecation plans for Google IoT Core. With less than a year left to migrate endpoints and applications, enterprises must now look for a viable alternative which is proven to work with the Google Cloud Platform.

HiveMQ can help customers leverage their GCP infrastructure without relying on the now-deprecated Google IoT Core service. Customers can continue to benefit from the advanced services of Google Cloud to enhance their applications’ business value while keeping their ecosystem agile by using an ‘open standards’ based architecture.

Since Google IoT Core is based on MQTT, we believe HiveMQ is a solid choice for enterprises for several key reasons:

  1. HiveMQ is based on open standards

HiveMQ offers 100% compliance to MQTT 3.1.1. and MQTT5 standards and that helps with:

  • Easy integration and interoperability of devices
  • More choice and variety
  • Easy portability of applications between platforms

This helps enterprises avoid vendor and platform lock-in, and benefit from standards-based products and specifications.

  1. Scalability and Reliability

HiveMQ’s enterprise MQTT broker helps customers support 10s of millions of devices and concurrent connections. This scalable solution incorporates for all aspects of operations including, for example, authentication of devices at an IoT scale.

Moreover, the HiveMQ platform is fault-tolerant, and resilient, thanks to its sophisticated clustering options and distinct technical advantages like persisting to disk over memory.

Our customers run business critical IoT systems on HiveMQ because of HiveMQ’s reliability and scalability.

  1. Deep integration with Google Cloud

Enterprises ranging from large automotive manufacturers to some of the world’s largest pharma companies use HiveMQ to run MQTT broker clusters on their Public Cloud instances including GCP.

As an example, a large automotive manufacturer uses our technology to run smart factories. In their case, mission-critical data moves from the factory floor and into Google Cloud Platform for Output modeling, Predictive maintenance etc.

HiveMQ’s extension for Google PubSub further helps Google Cloud customers manage their IoT infrastructure seamlessly.

Google PubSub Extension from HiveMQ: Enterprises now get the flexibility to use MQTT-based clients that can stream data directly into Google PubSub, while retaining information. This capability helps with device management and data pipelines within GCP.

With an easy means to get device data into the Google Cloud Platform for Big Data analytics, enterprises avoid getting restricted by a proprietary SDK and the expense of routing their data through the, now deprecated, Google IoT Core service.

In a recent benchmark report for a Google Cloud customer, the extension was able to run at 50 thousand MQTT messages per second — This translates to almost 4.32 billion messages a day!

Google Cloud IoT Core Benchmark
Left: Publish in from MQTT clients to the HiveMQ Broker, with 6 nodes running in a Kubernetes cluster
Right: Pub/Sub message out to Google Cloud using our extension, at 3m messages/minute

Next Steps: Integrating Your MQTT Device Data Without Disrupting Your GCP Infrastructure

HiveMQ is the best MQTT broker for Google Cloud and all its benefits are also available in a fully managed cloud-based avatar that offers virtually unlimited scale on a pay as you go model.

We have helped several global companies build IoT applications on GCP using HiveMQ. If you are a Google IoT Core customer looking for an ideal replacement, contact us today to discuss.

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author Gaurav Suman

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