HiveMQ Download
ZIP Archive

The evaluation version allows you to explore all features of HiveMQ

  • Get to know the HiveMQ broker – Install and run HiveMQ on one server or computer
  • Build a proof of concept of your HiveMQ use case and test it
  • Explore possible integrations with your existing systems using HiveMQ’s powerful and open plugin system


  • only allowed for testing and evaluation purpose, production usage is prohibited (without a valid production license)
  • allows up to 25 connection (for more please contact us to get an evaluation license)

You can use this version without charge to test and evaluate if HiveMQ fits your needs for 6 months after the download.

To be as successful as possible with HiveMQ we ask you to fill out the form, so we can provide you with patches, bugfixes and free resources. Your registration will enable you to download the latest evaluation version of HiveMQ.

Installation Guide