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We offer a trial version of HiveMQ Enterprise so customers can explore and test our commercial editions. All HiveMQ Enterprise Extensions are already installed and are part of the HiveMQ distribution. However, our trial version comes with some limitations:

  • Trial versions are only for evaluation and testing purposes. Production usage is prohibited.
  • The standard trial version only supports 25 connections. This is typically enough to evaluate HiveMQ.
    If you need more connections please contact us.
  • The evaluation version of all Enterprise Extensions is limited to operate for only 5 hours. You will need to restart HiveMQ each time you want to reset the 5 hour limit. Please contact us if you would like a longer evaluation license.
  • You can use the trial version without charge for up to 6 months after the download.
  • If you already tried HiveMQ and want to talk to an expert, contact us.

We also offer an open source edition of HiveMQ for developers requiring a basic MQTT broker. Check out the comparison chart for details on the different capabilities in the HiveMQ editions.