MQTT Sparkplug Solution

A modern IIoT protocol for interoperability

MQTT Sparkplug is an interoperability protocol for smart manufacturing and industrial automation use cases. Sparkplug provides a consistent way for equipment manufacturers and software providers to share contextual data to accelerate the digital transformation of existing operations.

Sparkplug allows for IIoT deployments to decouple the data between the hardware and software data sources. New data sources can become immediately discoverable to other system components and these data sources can become a single source of truth. Sparkplug is fully secured, requiring no open ports for new devices and requiring TLS for all data transport.

IIoT Architecture with Sparkplug

Sparkplug is based on MQTT and adds capabilities like MQTT topic structure definition, MQTT state management and payload data definitions.

MQTT Sparkplug Architecture

HiveMQ and Sparkplug

HiveMQ provides the MQTT broker platform required for any Sparkplug architecture. HiveMQ offers the following capabilities to Sparkplug deployments:
  • 100% compatible with MQTT 3.1.1 and MQTT 5
  • An MQTT broker for business critical systems that is reliable and scalable.
  • Easy integration with OT and IT systems with an extension SDK.
  • The ability to deploy on-premise, on Microsoft Azure or AWS, or with HiveMQ Cloud.

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