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HiveMQ Edge

Software-based Industrial Edge Protocol Converter

Modernize IIoT infrastructure by converting OT protocols like Modbus and OPC-UA into the standardized MQTT format for easy integration with enterprise and cloud systems.

HiveMQ Edge Overview

HiveMQ Edge is an open source software gateway designed to address some of the key technical challenges organizations face when connecting industrial devices at the edge, including:

  • Complex Industrial Systems: Easily connect to diverse industrial assets running OPC-UA, Modbus, or proprietary protocols and standardize them with MQTT.

  • Centralized Data Hub: Eliminate data silos by enabling a Unified Namespace for standardization, structure, and coherent data naming

  • Escalating Costs: Embrace open source technologies to reduce the time and resources required to scale proprietary solutions.

HiveMQ Edge Architectural Overview

HiveMQ Edge Architectural Overview

HiveMQ Edge Key Benefits

Open source and fine-tuned for edge deployments, HiveMQ Edge helps manufacturing organizations simplify by converting varied protocols to MQTT, facilitating smooth and economical data streaming from devices and sensors to cloud and enterprise systems. Drive costs down and scale up with ease for any Industrial IoT deployment.

Powerful Integrations with HiveMQ Edge

Powerful Integrations

Powerful plug-and-play integrations with legacy OT protocols like Modbus, OPC-UA, S7, and an open source extension framework for proprietary formats.

Build a Unified Namespace (UNS) with HiveMQ Edge

Unified Namespace

Enable seamless data integration to a centralized data hub, capitalize on readily accessible ISA-95 profiles, and mitigate errors with intelligent transformers.

API-based Operability

API-based Operability

Enable data sharing and conveniently manage connections and bridges via API-based access and an intuitive user interface.

Edge-Optimized MQTT Broker

Edge-Optimized MQTT Broker

MQTT-SN 1.2 and MQTT 5-powered, low-overhead messaging that helps integrate with core infrastructure for data persistence and insights.

Get started now on Docker:

docker run --name hivemq-edge -d -p 1883:1883 -p 8080:8080 hivemq/hivemq-edge

HiveMQ Edge in Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing and HiveMQ Architecture Overview
Software-based Protocol Converter

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