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Unified Namespace (UNS) Essentials

Your One-stop Guide to Understanding UNS in Totality

Unified Namespace (UNS) is a novel solution that allows you to collect data from various industrial IoT (IIoT) systems, add context to it, and transform it into a format that other systems can understand.

UNS Essentials Series

In this series, you will learn what Unified Namespace (UNS) is and why it matters, how it works, and how to implement it using MQTT and Sparkplug. This guide will help IIoT Solution Architects and Digital Transformation Specialists in manufacturing understand the Unified Namespace so you can utilize this highly effective architectural approach in your digital strategies.

What is Unified Namespace (UNS) and Why Does it Matter?

An introduction to Unified Namespace (UNS), what it is and why does it matter to Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 projects.

How Does A Unified Namespace Work?

Learn the key elements of a unified namespace (UNS), where it lives in your IIoT architecture, and what are the best practices of implementing it.

Implementing UNS with MQTT Sparkplug

Learn how to implement Unified Namespace (UNS) using MQTT Sparkplug specification, and Parris & Schultz methods for structuring it.

Ten Key Considerations for Selecting an MQTT Broker for UNS

Discover the key considerations for selecting an ideal MQTT broker for UNS in an IIoT setup.

Integrating SCADA Systems into Unified Namespace

Learn how integrating SCADA systems into a UNS using MQTT can enable more agile, efficient, and scalable industrial IoT operations.

Integrating a Historian into Unified Namespace

Explore why historians need to be integrated into UNS and how this helps promote open architecture, bridge event-handling gaps, & enrich data models in IIoT.

Integrating an MES into Unified Namespace

Explore how an MES system can be integrated into a Unified Namespace (UNS) as part of a digital transformation in manufacturing organizations.

Integrating an ERP into Unified Namespace

Explore how to integrate an ERP system into a Unified Namespace data ecosystem to enhance the digital transformation journey of manufacturing companies.

Integrating Advanced Analytics into Unified Namespace

Explore how integrating advanced analytics into Unified Namespace (UNS) enables efficient, real-time data sharing and brings operational efficiency.

Practical Applications of Unified Namespace for IIoT Use Cases

Explore different IIoT use cases and practical applications of UNS in Industry 4.0.

Architecting a Unified Namespace for IIoT

This series aims to build up on the UNS Essentials and offers practical guidance for architecting a UNS for your organization. The series starts by solidifying the core principles of a Unified Namespace (UNS) architecture for manufacturing enterprises and then explores the essential elements of the UNS architecture and deep dives into designing information mapping for your UNS semantic hierarchical structure and data modelling.

Unlock the Power of Unified Namespace (UNS) Architecture

Download our comprehensive eBook to master the design of a Unified Namespace for your IIoT projects. Discover strategies and best approaches to effective UNS implementation and take your industrial systems to the next level.

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