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Building an Enterprise Unified Namespace to Power Your Smart Factory

Time: 61 minutes

Watch Webinar

  • 00:00:00 - Introduction to Speakers
  • 00:01:59 - Introduction to HiveMQ
  • 00:03:50 - Introduction to HighByte
  • 00:06:49 - What id Unified Namespace
  • 00:25:19 - Unified Namespace Use Cases
  • 00:26:07 - How to Set Up a Unified Namespace?
  • 00:36:00 - Multi-factory Deployment Using MQTT Broker UNS Architecture

Webinar Overview

Did you know that you could build an enterprise-grade unified namespace (UNS) using an MQTT broker and an Industrial DataOps solution? In this webinar, leaders from HiveMQ and HighByte discussed:

  • The UNS definition and the benefits of building an enterprise UNS for your company or your clients

  • The advantages of using an MQTT broker UNS architecture

  • How HighByte Intelligence Hub consumes data from multiple sources, assembles data into logical payloads, and publishes these payloads to the UNS

  • How HighByte Intelligence Hub subscribes to data in the UNS and publishes it to systems that donโ€™t communicate over MQTT

  • How to work with topic structures in HiveMQ

  • The benefits of using HiveMQ to achieve a UNS with a publish-subscribe architecture

  • How to build an enterprise-grade unified namespace (UNS) using an MQTT broker and an Industrial DataOps solution

If you are not aware of UNS, it is a consolidated, abstracted structure by which all business applications can consume real-time industrial data in a consistent manner. The benefits of a UNS include reduced time to implement new integrations, reduced efforts to maintain data integrations, improved agility of integrations, access to new data, and improved data quality and security.

When you use UNS in combination with an MQTT broker, you can build a complete, easy to deploy, accessible, and structured solution to power your Smart Factory.

Feel free to ask questions on the HiveMQ Community Forum.

John Harrington

John Harrington is the Chief Business Officer of HighByte, focused on defining the companyโ€™s business and product strategy. His responsibility includes market research, customer use cases, product priorities, go-to-market, financial planning, and sales.

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Ian Skerrett

Ian is a growth-oriented marketing leader focused on B2B infrastructure, IoT, and IIoT software with over 25 years experience in the software industry. He spent 13 years with the Eclipse Foundation and was Vice President of Marketing for HiveMQ until September 2022.

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