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HiveMQ Launches Managed Cloud Service for MQTT

New HiveMQ Cloud provides a cloud-native IoT messaging solution that simplifies bi-directional, device-to-cloud communication

Landshut, Germany, January 28, 2020

Today, HiveMQ, developers of the popular enterprise MQTT platform, announced the much anticipated launch of their new HiveMQ Cloud service. HiveMQ Cloud is a major release that significantly simplifies the deployment and management of MQTT platforms. The new cloud-native service offers a fully-managed MQTT platform that can smoothly scale to meet the demands of large IoT (Internet of Things) applications and provides the reliability business-critical systems require.

HiveMQ Cloud is a cloud-native IoT messaging service that enables bi-directional communication between IoT cloud applications and IoT devices. Based on the industry standard MQTT protocol, HiveMQ allows IoT devices to stream telemetry data to the cloud and IoT cloud applications to send notifications to IoT devices.

The majority of developers use MQTT to establish connectivity and messaging between their IoT devices and IoT cloud applications. However, companies require considerable expertise and resources to deploy and manage an MQTT broker that is scalable, reliable, and secure.

HiveMQ Cloud shields companies from the complexity of deploying and managing MQTT brokers. HiveMQ Cloud includes automatic scaling that can accommodate spikes in device activity. The advanced clustering architecture ensures a high degree of availability to guarantee that messages are not lost and user experiences are not interrupted due to intermittent network connectivity. The fully managed platform is immediately deployed as three different cluster nodes in three different data centers. Enterprise-grade security is set by default to require communication through TLS as well as device authentication and authorization. HiveMQ Cloud is designed to run production IoT applications with no installation, setup, or configuration.

“Our mission at HiveMQ is to connect billions of IoT devices through MQTT and our HiveMQ technology,” explains Dominik Obermaier, CTO and co-founder of HiveMQ. “To accomplish this goal, we needed to make it easy and simple for any company to deploy a scalable, reliable, and secure MQTT-based IoT application on any cloud with a single click. HiveMQ Cloud is the service that will finally solve the challenges of building and deploying IoT applications at IoT-scale.”

"As enterprises furiously adopt cloud as part of their overall architecture, one of the choices they are forced to make will be whether to rely on services native to a single cloud vendor," said Stephen O'Grady, Principal Analyst with RedMonk. "While these can seem more convenient in the short term, they have the unfortunate side effect of locking buyers to a single platform. This is why customers are increasingly placing a high value on neutral, standards based software layers that allow for seamless operation across different cloud providers. This is, in essence, what HiveMQ Cloud is built for."

HiveMQ Cloud features a transparent pricing structure that makes it easy for customers to budget their usage costs. Many IoT cloud platforms have complicated, consumption-based pricing structures that make it impossible to budget the cost of an IoT cloud service. HiveMQ Cloud will be available at an hourly price of US$7.50/hour.

HiveMQ Cloud is available today on AWS (Frankfurt Region). Support for MS Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and other AWS regions will be available soon.

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HiveMQ helps companies connect devices to the Internet. We make it possible to move data from device to cloud in a secure, reliable, and scalable manner. Over 130 customers, including many Fortune 500 companies, rely on our product in production for mission-critical use cases like connected cars, logistics, Industry 4.0, and connected IoT products.

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