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Connect up to 100 connections for free - no credit card required

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"We found HiveMQ to be true partners with us, their expertise and the willingness of engineers to give us advice was the thing that we loved the most. Once we saw what HiveMQ delivered, selecting them as our MQTT partner was an easy choice. It is very good to have the right people to help us grow our business."

Paul Walling
Chief Engineer

Unlimited Connections

Unlimited Connections

Take advantage of unlimited connections on any paid plan. Choose a plan that suits your IoT application and business needs, then add connections seamlessly as you grow.

Fully Managed


Develop, test, deploy, and scale production IoT use cases anywhere without worrying about setup, maintenance, updates, or maintaining infrastructure.

MQTT Compliant

MQTT Compliant

Take advantage of all advanced MQTT features at scale. HiveMQ Cloud is 100% compliant with the MQTT 3.1, MQTT 3.1.1 and MQTT 5 specifications.

Secure by Design

Secure by Design

Ensure IoT data and applications meet the highest security standards with end to end TLS encryption, choice of device authentication methods, and more.

Scale as your needs evolve

Scale as Needs Evolve

Start with a proof-of-concept or small deployment and seamlessly scale up to millions of connections and thousands of messages per second as the use case evolves.

24/7 Support

Up to 24/7 Support

Receive the support you need throughout your IoT project lifecycle. From community support up to dedicated 24/7 Support, choose a plan that suits your needs.



No credit card required

A basic MQTT broker for learning and experimenting with MQTT.

A great place to play

  • Shared MQTT platform
  • 100 connections free
  • 10 GB data traffic per month
  • MQTT 3.1, 3.1.1, 5.0
  • MQTT over TLS/SSL
  • Basic authorization rules
  • Websocket support

  • No uptime SLA
  • Basic Support


Custom pricing

Production-ready, complete MQTT platform for scalable workloads.

Everything in Starter, plus

  • Up to 10 MB/s data throughput
  • Advanced analysis
  • Prometheus metrics endpoint
  • Additional integration mappings
  • MQTT Add-ons
  • Distributed tracing
  • Multiple listener support

  • 99.95% Uptime SLA
  • 24/7 Support
  • 4 hours *
    * Priority 1 reaction time


Custom pricing

Fully customizable MQTT platform for sophisticated workloads.

Everything in Professional, plus

  • Unlimited data throughput
  • Exclusive infrastructure
  • Any region
  • VPC peering
  • Support for custom integrations
  • Dedicated customer success manager

  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • 24/7 Support
  • 1 hour *
    * Priority 1 reaction time
  • Dedicated HiveMQ Expert

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HiveMQ Cloud Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Talk to us about features, sizing, support plans, and consulting

Technical FAQs

Each concurrent MQTT client session is counted as a single connection. Therefore, if a client device opens more than one session at a time, each one will be counted as a unique connection. These numbers are reset at the end of the monthly billing period.


  • If 37 client devices connect every hour on the hour and disconnect after 10 minutes, the total connection count for the day will remain 37.
  • If 10 client devices connect with a persistent session (cleanSession flag is set to false) and disconnect again, and another 27 devices connect on the hour for 10 minutes before disconnecting the total for the day will also be 37.

For billing purposes, only PUBLISHED messages are counted. To best balance billing between customers we ‘normalize’ messages to a value of 5KB. For example, if you send an 8KB message, it will be counted as two normalized messages. The message’s topic, headers, and payload (and if using MQTT5, user properties) are all combined in this sizing calculation.

We offer unlimited connections. However, usage is subject to a fair usage policy and service agreements. To ensure we’re providing the best service and uptime, we temporarily cap connections at 25,000. If you require more connections, simply reach out via or the Help page on Cloud Console. The number of active connections is visible in the HiveMQ Control Center.

HiveMQ Cloud is fully compliant with the MQTT Standard, including interoperable support for
MQTT 3.1, MQTT 3.1.1, and MQTT 5. For more details on MQTT protocol, please visit our MQTT FAQs

The HiveMQ Cloud terms and conditions can be found here. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are applicable only on production tiers so there is no uptime SLA for Serverless (Free & PAYG).

  • Starter: 99.95%
  • Professional and Enterprise: 99.99%
  • Serverless and Starter: Only AWS is currently available
  • Professional and Enterprise: Yes

We are developing a usage-based cost calculator that will be available on our website in the coming weeks. The average cost for running a HiveMQ Cloud Starter cluster for 30 days is $250, with each million incoming normalized messages costing an additional $0.80.

Billing and Invoice

You can find your invoices under the menu "Billing & Payment" in the Cloud console.

HiveMQ Cloud Starter Plan is currently Credit Card only, but we plan to add additional options in the future. We support multiple payment options for the HiveMQ Cloud Enterprise plan, including annual invoicing. Please reach out to our sales team to learn more about these options.

Students can use the Free tier on the HiveMQ Cloud Serverless Plan without any additional costs. We do not offer any student discounts on other plans. Please contact us if you have any special requirements.

Migrating between Starter or above plans is easy and will keep your configurations. There might be some configuration we can’t migrate if you are changing a plan, but you will be informed about this exception during the upgrade process. Currently, HiveMQ does not support migration from Serverless plans.

You can cancel your paid plan easily by selecting the "delete cluster" option in the cluster details overview.

We will inform you about the failed payment and try to charge you again within a few days. We will also provide you the option to change your credit card. If we are not able to collect payment, the cluster will be stopped.

This depends on the method you used during sign-up. If you have chosen the username-password sign-up method, we can change the associated email address with your account. If you have used any social sign-up method we cannot change the associated email address, as this is bound to your social login.

  • Starter: We bill by the hour that each customer cluster is running, which requires monthly invoicing in arrears to cover the cost for that period.
  • Enterprise: Pricing is based on your needs and defaults to annual terms.

Yes, it is that easy. If you have used Serverless in the past, you will find a very similar onboarding experience.


You can raise a support request via the support widget in the Cloud Portal. It is accessible via the “Help” menu on the Cloud console.

You can raise a support ticket 24 hours a day, while our support business hours are 9am to 5pm CET and EST. Response times depend on the HiveMQ Cloud plan and are found under HiveMQ Cloud terms and conditions.

Our sales team is eager to understand your requirements and talk to you about our tailored HiveMQ Cloud Enterprise offering or help you identify which of our HiveMQ Cloud plans will fit your needs best.