HiveMQ Edge 2023.5 is Released

HiveMQ Edge 2023.5 is Released

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Published: September 26, 2023

What’s new in HiveMQ Edge 2023.5

HiveMQ Edge is a gateway that utilizes an edge-optimized MQTT broker to connect multiple endpoints and streamline your operations seamlessly. By standardizing edge data and providing support for a diverse array of IT/OT connections, this software offers a scalable and flexible solution for directing data into your core infrastructure.

HiveMQ consistently incorporates user feedback to enhance their product and introduce new features.

Discover the latest release updates below.


  • Workspace
  • New HTTP Protocol Adapter
  • More Open Source Contributors


Workspace is a new tool that allows you to instantly view active client and bridge connections and visualize multiple connections to HiveMQ Edge.

How it works

The new workspace function in HiveMQ Edge is an interactive canvas displaying all connected elements at the edge. Status information and metrics are updated in real-time. Custom metrics of each protocol adapter can be visualized at hand.

HiveMQ Edge Workspace

How it helps

Workspace offers a topology view that visualizes data flow from edge devices to a central MQTT Broker in HiveMQ Edge, providing greater observability of adapted connections.

HTTP Protocol Adapter

Our new HTTP Protocol Adapter enables data to be collected from HTTP sources and transformed into MQTT messages.

How it works

HTTP is a standardized protocol primarily used in web applications, providing the browser with content like HTML. Moreover, many HTTP-based data sources are available, e.g., on factory floors, providing an endpoint with metrics about smart devices, sensors, machines, etc.

This mechanism helps bridge the diverse set of custom factory protocols into an HTTP-based solution in some scenarios. The new HTTP adapters can request data from an endpoint at a configurable interval.

How it helps

You can now extract data from HTTP sources like metrics and logging endpoints and convert it into MQTT messages. This enables you to transform HTTP request-response workloads into an MQTT publish-subscribe data-in-motion strategy that your MQTT solution can transport.

Additional Features and Improvements

  • feat(16216): Create a graph visualisation of the main elements of the Edge by @vanch3d in #51
  • feat(16420): Add filter/search to Protocol store by @vanch3d in #59
  • feat (16351) - Generator updated with new abstracts and updates gradle env by @simon622 in #54
  • feat(16385) - Export configuration exposed through API by @simon622 in #52
  • 55 - add unit tests for com.hivemq.util.Files by @BogdanStirbat in #56
  • add improvements to com.hivemq.util.ObjectMemoryEstimation by @BogdanStirbat in #58
  • fix(16511) - Ensure pings are NOT sent during a non-tracked runtime by @simon622 in #70
  • 60 - add improvements for Strings.convertBytes by @BogdanStirbat in #61
  • feat(16439) Highlight newly created or edited adapter by @vanch3d in #62
  • feat(16497) - Strong typed categories through the API by @simon622 in #69
  • feat(16490): Enable navigation from an adapter to its workspace node by @vanch3d in #72
  • refactor(16497): Strong type categories through the API by @vanch3d in #74
  • feat(16528) - Allow new adapters to be surfaces in existing UI by @simon622 in #73
  • fix(16546) - Adapters create metrics in a consistent namespace by @simon622 in #75
  • fix(16486): Fix a11y contrast violation for connection status by @vanch3d in #71
  • fix(16528): Upodate openAPI stubs for adapters and modules by @vanch3d in #76
  • Fix (16580) - Fix modbus field ordering and allow API to control natural order by @simon622 in #77
  • fix(16607): fix title of the welcome page by @vanch3d in #80
  • fix(16528): Allow remote adapters to be surfaced in the catalog by @vanch3d in #83
  • fix(16608): add optimistic update of status to the creation of adapters by @vanch3d in #81
  • feat(16576) - Http adapter intitial version (ALPHA) by @simon622 in #79
  • chore(github): Split frontend pipeline for visual testing by @vanch3d in #84
  • feat(16525): Support navigation between adapters and workspace and improve observability by @vanch3d in #78
  • fix(2023.5): Fix double click on node by @vanch3d in #85
  • fix(): Enable workspace feature by default by @sfrehse in #87

You can find more information about and download the release on the GitHub release page.

Special Mention

The release received valuable backing from a fresh contributor, Bogdan Stirbat. We appreciate your support!

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