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MAR 19, 2024

MQTT Experts Answer Your Questions

Do you have a question about MQTT or your MQTT project? HiveMQ MQTT experts will be available once a month to answer your questions live. Here is a great opportunity to interact with these experts to accelerate your MQTT understanding.

Sven Kobow

Sven Kobow is part of the Professional Services team at HiveMQ with more than two decades of experience in IT and IIoT. In his role as IoT Solutions Architect, he is supporting customers and partners in successfully implementing their solutions and generating maximum value. Before joining HiveMQ, he worked in Automotive sector at a major OEM.

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Shashank Sharma

Shashank Sharma is a product marketing manager at HiveMQ. He is passionate about technology, supporting customers, and enabling developer-centric workflows. He focuses on the HiveMQ Cloud offerings and has previous experience in application software tooling, autonomous driving, and numerical computing.

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