AWS CloudWatch Plugin

Version: 1.0.0
License: Apache v2


This Plugin allows to report HiveMQ metrics to AWS CloudWatch.

It is possible to send every HiveMQ metric to CloudWatch. Every metric which should be reported
must be configured explicitly to reduce the costs, since CloudWatch can be expensive if you
publish too much (unnecessary) data.

AWS Cloudwatch costs

AWS Cloudwatch metrics can be very expensive. So please make sure you really want to report the specified metrics.
You can find the full AWS pricing here.

At the time of writing the AWS prices are the following:

  • $0.50 per custom metric

  • $0.01 per 1000 GetMetricStatistics, ListMetrics, or PutMetricData requests


There are two configuration files needed for the plugin in order to operate:

  1. This config file is used for general configuration, like the publishing interval

  2. This config file specifies all metrics which should be reported to CloudWatch

The file needs to be placed in the hivemq config folder.

The following properties are available:

Property Description


A value in minutes which sets the reporting interval (defaults to 1 minute)


The connection timeout in ms. The default is the com.amazonaws.ClientConfiguration.    DEFAULT_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT

The is a list of metric names which should be reported to CloudWatch.

IMPORTANT If a metric does not exist yet, this plugin will create the specified metric


Monitoring total count of incoming and outgoing messages