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HiveMQ Achieves 200 Million Concurrent Connections with MQTT Platform

Benchmark sets a new standard for enterprise scale in IoT data movement

14 March 2023 – Embedded World - Nuremberg, Germany - HiveMQ, a global leader in enterprise MQTT solutions, today announced a new benchmark for the HiveMQ Enterprise MQTT Platform for 200 million concurrent connections. The benchmark report details the feat including the test scenario and performance results, and the technical results are also available via webinar replay.

“The sky's the limit when it comes to growth in IoT and companies need to lay the right foundation that will allow them to scale as their use cases and businesses mature,” said Christian Meinerding, CEO and Co-founder of HiveMQ. “We set out to benchmark the HiveMQ platform to 200 Million connections to show what is possible with an ultra-scalable and highly-available clustered architecture.”

As enterprise companies work to deploy IoT, they often face scaling challenges including data silos, inconsistent data formats, and the inability to securely move data between edge and cloud systems. Planning for scale from the start is essential, and HiveMQ lays a future-proof foundation that can support any number of new data connections.

For the 200 million benchmark, the HiveMQ team created an installation based on projected real-world requirements like computing infrastructure and storage on a hyperscale cloud, using a pub/sub architecture with a skewed ratio and a clustered system for resilience.


  • Gradual and even ramp up to 200 million connections in 37 minutes

  • 20 million publishers connecting to 180 million subscribers over 200 million unique MQTT topics

  • Peak message throughput of 1 million PUBLISH messages per second

  • Real-world scenario using commercially available public infrastructure with publicly available products from HiveMQ (Broker and Swarm)

  • Workload was contained to a single installation to test the true performance of the broker cluster

  • The results of the benchmark test on the HiveMQ broker demonstrates its ability to meet the demands of the growing IoT ecosystem. Download the complete benchmark report for the technical details of how 200 million connections were achieved.

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