HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for MongoDB

Category: Data Integration
Version: Bundled with HiveMQ   |   License: Commercial
Provider: HiveMQ    |   Verified: yes

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About this Extension

This extension seamlessly integrates MQTT data with MongoDB, unlocking the full potential of IoT data analytics. It supports SCRAM authentication and Connection URIs for MongoDB, along with TLS encryption and a fully customizable templating system that enables users to define the precise format of documents in MongoDB. This guarantees that MQTT messages are formatted optimally for streamlined data querying.

Why use MongoDB for MQTT data?

MongoDB is a database that stores information as BSON documents that are gathered in collections. These documents do not have to be identical and can have different fields. Our extension allows you to create a document for each MQTT message. This means you can analyze different kinds of data from various sources, including updated or new IoT devices with different data structures. MongoDB is a good way to capture data over time and analyze trends easily without needing a bigger data analysis platform or normalizing the data.

Here’s what is enabled by this extension in MongoDB:

Write powerful queries across diverse data

  • MongoDB’s NoSQL approach means you can write powerful queries to identify trends between old and new data without requiring data normalization - perfect for handling a variety of IoT data formats.
Identify Trends with MongoDB
Identify Faulty MQTT Clients

Customize Documents in MongoDB

  • With the fully customizable templating system in this extension, you can define the exact format of your documents.
  • Optimize the formatting for efficient data querying and quick analysis.

Identify Faulty MQTT Clients:

  • Query faulty data and identify clients sending faulty data quickly and ensure data quality.
Real-time sensor data processing
Predictive machine maintenance using MQTT data

Real-time Sensor Data Processing:

  • Query real-time sensor data from IoT devices and perform real-time analysis using MongoDB’s aggregation framework.

Predictive Maintenance:

  • Combine MongoDB's machine-learning capabilities with real-time sensor data to build predictive models for pattern identification and trend analysis.
  • Implement proactive maintenance scheduling to mitigate downtime and prevent critical equipment failures.
Real-time sensor data processing

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