HiveMQ 2.3.1 released

HiveMQ 2.3.1 released

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Published: April 16, 2015

The HiveMQ Team is pleased to announce the release of HiveMQ 2.3.1.

HiveMQ 2.3.1 is the second release of the 2.3 series which brought a new and more performant data store. It fixes several bugs in the HiveMQ core and plugin system. This release also brings minor features for diagnostic purposes. A full list of changes is available in the Changelog.

Diagnostic Mode

HiveMQ now ships with a diagnostic mode that allows HiveMQ to gather data about the environment. This enables our support team to give quick and effective help on issues which are related to the environment HiveMQ is running on.

The start scripts for Windows and for Linux have been updated, in order to enable the diagnostic mode you need to uncomment the relevant section of the .sh or .bat script. The HiveMQ support is happy to help you with detailed instructions, just send an e-mail to


HiveMQ 2.3.1 brings several small bugfixes, the most important are:

  • The @Cached annotation for plugins was fixed an caching is fully functional again
  • If in-flight window was set to 0, HiveMQ was very chatty on new connection establishment. This behaviour was fixed
  • Fixed an issue which caused unnecessary latency on QoS 1 and 2 messages on slow disks. The I/O handling was improved in order to reduce disk access times

You can see the full list of changes in the Changelog.

Let us know your thoughts about the release!

Have a great day, The HiveMQ Team

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