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HiveMQ 2023 Year-in-Review: Democratizing MQTT Solutions

by HiveMQ Team
7 min read

As 2023 comes to a close, we’re reflecting on how far we’ve come in our mission to build a central nervous system to help businesses connect and manage their IoT devices and data.  There are two parts to that mission. First, we are educating the market on why and how to implement the MQTT protocol as the foundation for any successful IoT or IIoT deployment. We do that through our content, our webinars and Ask Me Anything sessions, and our community.

Second, we are delivering the most trusted MQTT platform that makes it possible to build smart IoT projects, modernize factories, and deliver better customer experiences in a secure, reliable, and scalable manner. In 2023 we’ve added more updates to the platform than any year before. We’re innovating at a rapid pace to give customers the features and solutions they are asking for to simplify their IoT deployments, enhance interoperability, and most importantly realize ROI.

This year we helped many customers, including some in Pharma and Transportation and Logistics, digitally transform and realize results like cost savings of $50 Million and efficiency gains that led to 10 Million gallons of fuel saved. More than 5,000 companies now rely on HiveMQ as their IoT messaging solution.

Let’s take a moment to highlight all of the products, solutions, integrations and company announcements we made this year to further our mission. With each release we continue to build that central nervous system for the Internet of Things, while democratizing MQTT so every developer, IT architect, or VP of digital transformation has the opportunity to realize the benefits that can come from adopting the de facto standard protocol for IoT.

2023 in a Glance at HiveMQAt the foundation of our progress is the MQTT Community, a vibrant group of people using MQTT to create a central nervous system connecting and managing IoT devices and data.

We are proud to share that in 2023 we published a diverse range of content. From insightful blogs and in-depth white papers to engaging webinars, we've curated a diverse array of content to empower individuals and businesses to seamlessly adopt MQTT and other leading technologies like Unified Namespace. Here are our top picks from 2023.

Noteworthy Announcements and News at HiveMQ

Top HiveMQ Blog Series and Guides of 2023  

MQTT Sparkplug Essentials

Unified Namespace (UNS) Essentials

A Comprehensive Guide To Industrial Data Management 

Top HiveMQ Webinars of 2023

How to Achieve Data-Driven Manufacturing Using Unified Namespace 

Unleashing the Power of AI in IoT: A Deep Dive into HiveMQ Cloud and InfluxDB 3.0

Zero to OEE in an Hour

5 Ways MQTT Sparkplug Enables Smart Manufacturing

Future Proofing Your IoT Environment with a Multi-Cloud Approach

Top HiveMQ Whitepapers of 2023

Building a Specification on top of MQTT to Meet Your Industry Requirements

Measuring the Quality of Your Data Pipeline

Sparkplug: The Open Specification Critical to Achieving ROI in the Industrial Internet of Things

Ready for 2024?

We look forward to another year of pushing boundaries, solving problems, and delivering business value at an unprecedented pace. In 2024 our commitment remains unwavering – to ship solutions that not only meet your IoT needs but anticipate them, enabling you to gain business value faster and better.

Cheers to the triumphs of 2023, the MQTT and IoT community that propels us forward, and the exciting journey that awaits us in 2024. Together, we're not just shaping the future; we're defining it. 

HiveMQ Team

The HiveMQ team loves writing about MQTT, Sparkplug, Industrial IoT, protocols, how to deploy our platform, and more. We focus on industries ranging from energy, to transportation and logistics, to automotive manufacturing. Our experts are here to help, contact us with any questions.

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