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HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for MySQL

Category: Data Integration
Version: Bundled with HiveMQ   |   License: Commercial
Provider: HiveMQ    |   Verified: yes

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About this Extension

With this extension, organizations can integrate MQTT data with MySQL for efficient storage and data analysis. The extension ensures data security with TLS encryption and features a fully-customizable MQTT message template to format MQTT data easily.

Why use MySQL for MQTT data?

MySQL is ideal for integrating and storing MQTT data due to its robust relational data management capabilities, scalability options, and SQL querying features. Efficiently organize, analyze, and integrate MQTT data, ensuring data integrity and durability. Moreover, its extensive ecosystem and security features make MySQL a reliable solution for businesses seeking to leverage MQTT data for insights and decision-making.

Here’s what is enabled by this extension in MySQL:

Customize MQTT messages for MySQL

  • With this extension's fully customizable templating system, you can define the exact format of MQTT messages that are sent to MySQL.
  • Optimize the formatting for efficient data querying and quick analysis.
Customize MQTT messages for MySQL
Automation and Control for Smart Industries

Automation & Control for Smart Industries

  • Efficiently store and analyze sensor data from industrial IoT devices in real-time for comprehensive monitoring, control, and optimization of:
    • Manufacturing processes
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Efficient resource allocation

Optimization and Cost Savings in Logistics and Transportation

  • MySQL can enable storing and analyzing MQTT-based data from vehicles and transportation systems for:
    • Efficient fleet management
    • Real-time tracking of vehicles
    • Optimization of routes
    • Fuel consumption monitoring
    • Proactive maintenance
  • Combined, these initiatives lead to cost savings and improved logistics operations.
Logistics Management
Smart Energy Management

Smart Energy Grid Management and Optimization

  • Efficiently manage and analyze data from smart meters, renewable energy sources, and grid infrastructure.
  • Monitor energy consumption patterns, optimize energy distribution,
    • Implement demand-response strategies
    • Enable billing systems based on real-time data
    • Give customers a more efficient and sustainable energy grid

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