5 Ways MQTT Sparkplug Enables Smart Manufacturing

Time: 63 minutes

Watch the Webinar

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 07:35 - Goals for Digital Transformation in Smart Manufacturing
  • 11:02 - Challenges for Automation and Data Integration in Smart Manufacturing
  • 19:59 - How to Address the Challenges in Smart Manufacturing with MQTT Sparkplug
  • 25:10 - Reason 1 ā€“ How MQTT Sparkplug enables smart manufacturing with Real-time Data Sharing
  • 31:10 - Reason 2 ā€“ How MQTT Sparkplug enables smart manufacturing with Improved Collaboration
  • 33:21 - Reason 3 ā€“ How MQTT Sparkplug enables smart manufacturing by Eliminating Custom Programming
  • 38:37 - Reason 4 ā€“ How MQTT Sparkplug enables smart manufacturing with Scalability and Reliability
  • 43:16 - Reason 5 ā€“ How MQTT Sparkplug enables smart manufacturing with improved Data Management
  • 52:21 - Q&A

Webinar Overview

Watch the recording of the webinar presented by HiveMQ and hosted by Automation.com. Designed for manufacturers looking to modernize their data infrastructure and improve their operations, this webinar discusses the benefits of using MQTT Sparkplug, a powerful technology that can help unlock data siloed in legacy systems and enable smart manufacturing.

MQTT Sparkplug is a specification that defines how to use MQTT to transport data in real-time from industrial IoT devices and sensors to an MQTT broker. As per the requirements of a Smart Manufacturing data infrastructure, it allows for the seamless and reliable transmission of data from large numbers of devices and sensors, which is essential for enabling real-time monitoring and control of manufacturing processes. Watch and learn how to implement this cutting-edge technology and start seeing results in no time.

Ravi Subramanyan

Ravi Subramanyan, Director of Industry Solutions, Manufacturing at HiveMQ, has extensive experience delivering high-quality products and services that have generated revenues and cost savings of over $10B for companies such as Motorola, GE, Bosch, and Weir. Ravi has successfully launched products, established branding, and created product advertisements and marketing campaigns for global and regional business teams.

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Kudzai Manditereza

Kudzai is a tech influencer and electronic engineer based in Germany. As a Developer Advocate at HiveMQ, he helps developers and architects adopt MQTT and HiveMQ for their IIoT projects. Kudzai runs a popular YouTube channel focused on IIoT and Smart Manufacturing technologies and he has been recognized as one of the Top 100 global influencers talking about Industry 4.0 online.

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