HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Amazon Kinesis

Purpose: Data Integration
Version: 4.11    |   License: Commercial
Provider: HiveMQ    |   Verified: yes

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About the Extension

The HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Amazon Kinesis allows you to quickly move your MQTT data from the broker into your AWS infrastructure using Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. With the HiveMQ 4.11 release this Extension for Amazon Kinesis is now in general availability status.

Here’s what you can do with this extension:

Integrate MQTT Data into Amazon Kinesis Data Streams

Easily integrate MQTT data directly into the Amazon Kinesis Data Streams service and with the broader AWS service offerings. Also get indirect support for downstream services (Kinesis Data Firehose & Data Analytics).

Integrate MQTT data into Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
Get flexibility and 100% MQTT compliance for your IoT solution

Flexibility and Freedom to Adapt the Solution to Suit Your Use case(s)

The HiveMQ platform provides 100% MQTT compliance, the freedom to design topic trees, and the freedom and flexibility to adapt the solution for specific use cases.

Configure Access Credentials via AWS IAM

You can configure access credentials of HiveMQ’s Amazon Kinesis extension via AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management) and manage permissions with the standard AWS authentication service.

Configure Access Credentials for HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Amazon Kinesis via AWS IAM
Enable a multi-cloud strategy for your IoT environment

Enable a Multi-cloud Strategy for Your IoT Environment

In light of the growing trend of hyperscalers retiring their IoT solutions, HiveMQ’s platform offers a range of solutions for MQTT data integration with all major cloud providers to support your multi-cloud strategy. We have custom-built extensions for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Scalability & Reliability

HiveMQ’s solutions are built to work on hyperscale with millions of always-on concurrent connections.

Scalability and Reliability

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