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HiveMQ Announces Integration to PostgreSQL and MongoDB

Customers can quickly and reliably integrate MQTT data with leading databases and analytics platforms

20 June 2023 – Landshut, Germany - HiveMQ, a global leader in enterprise MQTT solutions, today announced a new suite of extensions allowing customers to seamlessly integrate their MQTT data with leading analytics platforms and databases, beginning with MongoDB and PostgreSQL. The PostgreSQL extension also enables quick and effortless MQTT data integration with TimescaleDB and CockroachDB, allowing customers to leverage existing infrastructure with a simplified workflow.

The announcement further expands the HiveMQ Marketplace of pre-built extensions, making it easy for customers to extend the HiveMQ MQTT platform and integrate data to streaming services such as Apache Kafka, Google PubSub, or Amazon Kinesis, security services such as OAuth, and now databases and analytics platforms. With the new suite of extensions, customers can store, process, and derive more value and actionable insights from their data to enable advanced analytics, machine learning, and build data models and visualizations.

"These new offerings eliminate the need for manual data integration and complex custom development, saving time and effort for anyone using PostgreSQL or MongoDB," said Dominik Obermaier, Co-founder and CTO of HiveMQ. “Our goal is to help customers harness the full value of their existing infrastructure and we will continue to expand our extensions to other popular time series and data warehouses.”

HiveMQ’s platform-agnostic, full-featured MQTT platform offers 100% MQTT compliance, efficient network utilization, enterprise-grade security, reliable data delivery and the ability to scale to millions of always-on concurrent connections to meet the requirements of any IoT application. The extension framework allows customers to integrate quickly and easily with enterprise systems to enable advanced use cases while eliminating vendor lock-in.

"With the new MongoDB extension, HiveMQ has provided clients additional flexibility to leverage our developer data platform to build modern IoT applications.” said Boris Bialek, Managing Director of Industry Solutions, MongoDB. “This collaboration allows organizations to unlock new possibilities in IoT data management and real-time application driven analytics."

Visit the [HiveMQ Extensions Marketplace](/extensions/) for more information or to purchase the HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for PostgreSQL or MongoDB.

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