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Unified Namespace (UNS) Essentials

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Unified Namespace (UNS) is a novel solution that allows you to collect data from various industrial IoT (IIoT) systems, add context to it, and transform it into a format that other systems can understand.

In this series, you will learn what the Unified Namespace is and why it matters, how it works and how to implement it using MQTT and Sparkplug. This guide will help IIoT Solution Architects and Digital Transformation Specialists in manufacturing understand the Unified Namespace so you can utilize this highly effective architectural approach in your digital strategies.

Get the UNS Essentials eBook

This will be your kickstart for Unified Namespace (UNS). The entire blog series is now available as eBook.
Unified Namespace (UNS) Essentials
Part 1

What is Unified Namespace (UNS) and Why Does it Matter?

What is Unified Namespace (UNS) and Why Does it Matter?
Unified Namespace (UNS) Essentials
Part 2

How Does A Unified Namespace Work?

How Does A Unified Namespace Work
Unified Namespace (UNS) Essentials
Part 3

Implementing UNS with MQTT Sparkplug

Implementing UNS
Unified Namespace (UNS) Essentials
Part 4

Ten Key Considerations for Selecting an MQTT Broker for UNS

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Frequently Asked Questions

UNS stands for Unified Namespace.

The Unified Namespace is the structure and events of your business, and a hub through which all your IIoT components communicate.

The Unified Namespace is used in manufacturing and other sectors to enable organisations to make better use of data by providing real-time access to it in a unified manner.

Reduced integration cost, improved operational agility, scalable IIoT implementation and increased innovation capacity across the entire organisation are some of the benefits of implementing Unified Namespace(UNS).

The Unified Namespace can live anywhere where it can be accessible by all network participants through a single unified interface, e.g MQTT broker, database, etc.

Hope you enjoy the series. Stay tuned with us as we release new content to our UNS Essentials guide. We would love to hear your feedback: Get in touch!