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Comprehensive Guide To Industrial Data Management


Our eBook and Guide Series are designed for more technical readers who want to delve deep into the content. They are based on the highly popular blogs referenced below and enhanced with additional content.

This eBook and guide focus on the topic of developing a well-thought-out data management approach and how this is crucial for the success of your organization’s smart manufacturing strategy. Effective data management enables meaningful data gathering, storage, processing, and interpretation, while also facilitating the scalability of solutions across various plant environments, business units, and production lines. These capabilities are essential for generating actionable insights, making real-time decisions, and automating business operations in line with smart manufacturing objectives.

Without a solid data management strategy, challenges arise in digital projects, including a complex network of technologies, standalone solutions difficult to integrate, poorly planned digital infrastructure, and escalating costs. In a series of six articles, we will cover topics such as data collection, modeling, contextualization, semantic structuring, integration, storage, analytics, data-driven decision-making, and the future of industrial data management.

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