MQTT Essentials Wrap-Up


For the last 11 weeks we have released a new MQTT Essentials post every week. Today, we want to wrap-up the series and get ready for a fresh start next week with new and interesting topics.

We hope that the MQTT Essentials have been helpful to you. We definitely had a lot of fun writing them! It was our goal to provide useful information for interested people about the basic features of MQTT (without requiring you to read the whole MQTT specification).

To continue writing relevant information that is useful to MQTT implementors, we prepared a VERY short survey. We would really appreciate some truthful feedback about how we did and what topics we should cover next.

If you missed any of the individual posts, here they are, listed from start to finish:

Please, take one minute to do the survey. It helps us tremendously and guarantees that we deliver content that is meaningful for you.

Thanks a lot,

HiveMQ Team

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  1. Farh says:

    I have installed Mosquitto on raspberry pi B+ and everything is working on LAN,just by using its local IP I am able to connect clients to broker. Now I want the clients to be able to connect to broker over internet, any idea how to do it? I

    1. Hi Farh,

      Normally it should work by just using the public IP address. But you need to make sure the port 1883 is open or the port you are using.

      If that doesn’t work, you can ask at the list mosquitto mailing list.

      Hope that helps,

      Christian from the HiveMQ Team

  2. Kat B says:

    Thank you so much for such an awesome series. It clearly took you some time and effort to write it up so clearly and concisely, it was well worth your effort. Thank you! (Please forgive my facetious ‘buglers’ comment)

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