Finally a MQTT broker tailored for enterprises

We at dc-square are proud to present you the next generation of Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) brokers: HiveMQ.

Why another MQTT broker?

There are a few brokers out there which are great for prototyping, smaller or private M2M solutions. To enable companies to provide highly scalable and reliable M2M solutions we saw a strong need for a MQTT broker which has features like:

  • Ability to form elastic, scalable clusters
  • A modular architecture to extend HiveMQ for unique business applications
  • Ease of Administration of single broker instances and whole clusters
  • 100% compliance with the MQTT standard, including Quality of Service 0,1,2 and Last-Will-and-Testament topics
  • Built in enterprise-grade security with the ability to integrate into existing application landscapes
  • Professional Support

HiveMQ was built up from the ground with enterprises in mind. See the features or contact us!


  1. Lxs says:

    Why no information on where to download? did not spot any details anywhere on HiveMQ website…
    {looks like others have asked similar question before}

    1. The HiveMQ Team says:

      Hi Lxs,

      thanks for your interest in HiveMQ. You can find the pricing page right here:

      At the moment it is not possible to download trial of HiveMQ on the website. We would love to hear from you via e-mail for a test version and to discuss your use-case for HiveMQ.

    2. The HiveMQ Team says:


      HiveMQ can now be downloaded for free for personal use. Please see

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