HiveMQ 4

What´s new?

HiveMQ 4 is the next generation MQTT based messaging platform designed for the fast, efficient and reliable movement of data to and from connected IoT devices. It uses the MQTT protocol for instant, bi-directional push of data between your device and your enterprise systems.

The HiveMQ 4 Enterprise MQTT Broker is the most sophisticated and complete MQTT solution for secure, reliable and scalable IoT communication. See what’s new:

World-class MQTT 5 support

HiveMQ 4 delivers first-class support for MQTT 5, the successor of the most popular IoT protocol, MQTT 3. It is 100% compliant to the MQTT specification. All new and optional MQTT5 features and functionality are supported out-of-the-box.

Long-awaited new features like User Properties, Negative Acknowledgements and Topic Aliases can be used with the new HiveMQ version. Beloved proprietary features HiveMQ has pioneered for MQTT 3 like Shared Subscriptions, Message Expiry and Session Expiry are now part of the new MQTT 5 specification and are available for all clients, independent of the MQTT version.

Our advanced MQTT compatibility layer allows MQTT 5 and MQTT 3 clients communicate with each other over HiveMQ 4 in a fully compatible way.

Next generation extension system

The brand new extension system framework provided by HiveMQ 4 allows customers to easily integrate HiveMQ and MQTT messages into their existing enterprise systems. It was designed from the ground up for MQTT 5 and of course also works with older MQTT versions.

The Open APIs provided by HiveMQ 4 allow for deep integration with a variety of third party systems. Pre-built extensions are available at the HiveMQ Marketplace for the most popular third party systems like Prometheus, Amazon S3, InfluxDB and Kubernetes as well as security extensions.

All extension can be added, removed and reloaded at runtime with the new HiveMQ Extension Hot Reload mechanism. You can learn more about the extension system here.

First Class Docker and Kubernetes Support

Official Docker images are available for HiveMQ 4 on Dockerhub, which enable easy deployments of standalone MQTT messaging systems as well as distributed, fault-tolerant and auto-scaling HiveMQ clusters.

Elastic scaling is possible with the pre-baked Docker images out-of-the-box with Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Openshift or DC/OS. Cloud native and containerized MQTT deployments have never been easier. Try our Docker support today!

AWS EC2 One Click Installer

Deploy a HiveMQ 4.0.0 trial instance with ease on AWS EC2 by using our pre-built AMIs. This convenient installation sets up a fully operational HiveMQ AWS EC2 instance with the sizing of your choice on your AWS account. Deploy your AWS instance in minutes with our installer and tutorial

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