In Enterprise environments, MQTT Brokers are rarely deployed without deep integration to existing systems. HiveMQ was built to be ultra-flexible and can be integrated with virtually every existing application for message processing, security, monitoring or complex business logic. The free and open source plugin system allows to develop custom integration in minutes. Besides free off-the-shelf plugins for download, complex enterprise integrations are available as well.

Enterprise Integrations

Enterprise software landscapes often requires the MQTT broker to have deep integration with JMS, databases, CEP products, LDAP, (REST and SOAP) webservices and Big Data solutions. HiveMQ has you covered and allows these kind of integration with maximum scalability, stellar message throughput and lowest latency. Authentication and authorization against user directories and other credential stores are as easy to integrate as complex authentication mechanisms like OAuth2. Offloading data analysis to other solutions like CEP products, data warehouses or Map/Reduce systems like Hadoop or Spark can be implemented in hours and persisting data to SQL and NoSQL databases with up to tens of thousands of writes per second usually just means to install a single plugin.
See the capabilities of HiveMQ to get your enterprise systems integrated in hours:
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Off-the-shelf plugins

The HiveMQ plugin directory has many free off-the-shelf plugins available. Just pick your desired plugin and install it to get the most popular integrations in minutes. You want to see all MQTT messages processed by HiveMQ in the log console? You want to integrate your monitoring solution like Graphite or AWS CloudWatch without hassle? You are looking for basic authentication and authorization mechanisms? Then check out the plugin directory and pick your favourite plugins for free.
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Custom Integrations

Every software landscape is as unique as the company which relies on the systems day-to-day. HiveMQ has a very well documented, rock solid and open source plugin system. You can create virtually every integration you can imagine and your Java developers can get started in minutes creating the solutions your business needs to achieve your goals. The possibilities are unlimited and your internal systems can be integrated YOUR way.
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