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Bringing Hyper-Connectivity to Hypercars with MQTT and Kafka

Time: 45 minutes

Watch the Webinar

  • 00:00 - Speaker Introductions
  • 01:10 - Introduction to HiveMQ
  • 03:03 - Introduction to Rimac Technology and its offerings
  • 05:52 - Introduction to Rimac Connectivity Platform
  • 08:43 - How is Rimac Connectivity Platform using MQTT for connecting the vehicle to the Cloud, configuring telemetry data options, receiving OTA updates & remote commands from the cloud, etc?
  • 22:10 - Uses of Rimac Connectivity Platform
  • 27:32 - Helpful Resources
  • 28:09 - Begining of Q&A Session
  • 32:00 - Question - Is Telemetry data sent on GSM?
  • 35:05 - Question - Why is HiveMQ would be a better option in terms of being cost-effective instead of an open-source or other cost-effective MQTT broker?
  • 36:47 - Question - What kind of two-way communication are you planning or trying to implement into your solution?
  • 39:39 - Question - How do you ensure GSM connectivity is stable?
  • 40:55 - Question - Why Kafka and did you try alternatives?
  • 43:15 - Question - How do you secure the required bandwidth per car & fleet for OEM data traffic and how do you secure it for customer data?

Webinar Overview

Hypercars are the super-elite of supercars, with engineering and technology on the bleeding edge of what is possible. These supercars ingest and analyze vast amounts of data from thousands of sensors in near-real-time from anywhere worldwide while producing a flawless customer experience.

In this webinar, Luka Spoljaric explains how Rimac Technology brings this capability to its supercars using the HiveMQ MQTT broker. Watch this webinar recording to learn:

  • How Rimac Technology brings hyperconnectivity to its cars with the Rimac Connectivity Platform

  • How Rimac is enabling high data throughput to their connectivity platform using MQTT, Kafka, and Protobuf

  • How Rimac leverages the HiveMQ MQTT broker to ingest and analyze vast amounts of data bidirectionally to and from the cars

Read our customer success story to learn more how Rimac Technology is using HiveMQ MQTT Broker to build a highly robust, reliable, and responsive system that can handle huge amounts of data with the potential to scale to 10s of millions of connected vehicles.

Luka Špoljarić

Luka Špoljarić is the Software Development Team Lead and Solutions Architect who left Rimac Technology in 2023. At Rimac he led the deployment of HiveMQ for fast, reliable data delivery to power the world's most prestigious connected car platform. The project increased customer satisfaction and enabled predictive maintenance with a scalable, future-proof solution for IoT messaging.

  • Luka Špoljarić on LinkedIn

Gaurav Suman

Gaurav Suman, Director of Product Marketing at HiveMQ, has over a decade of experience in roles like Solutions Architect and Business Development Manager. His journey includes launching market-first products and achieving a 2X revenue increase in the past year. Eager to connect with industry peers, Gaurav pushes the boundaries of what Product Marketing can achieve for businesses.

  • Contact Gaurav Suman via e-mail

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