The HiveMQ MQTT Client 1.3.0 is released

The HiveMQ MQTT Client 1.3.0 is released

author Yannick Weber

Written by Yannick Weber

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Published: December 2, 2021

The HiveMQ team is pleased to announce the availability of HiveMQ MQTT Client 1.3.0.

This patch release for version 1.3.0 includes the following improvements:

🌟 Features

  • Added the ability to define restrictions for the MQTT 3 API

🗒️ Miscellaneous

  • Improved Javadoc
  • Improved Build and Release Infrastructure

You can get the new version as a Maven artifact from Maven Central or JitPack.

Also check out the project on GitHub.

We recommend upgrading to this patch release for all HiveMQ MQTT Client library users.

Have a great day,

Yannick from the HiveMQ Team

author Yannick Weber

About Yannick Weber

Yannick is a Senior Software Engineer and one of the core members of HiveMQ’s product development team. He is focusing on quality development of HiveMQ’s many tools and extensions. In addition, he is the maintainer of the HiveMQ module in the testcontainers-java project.

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