JVM Metrics Plugin

Version: 1.0.0
License: Apache v2

The HiveMQ JVM Metric Plugin adds several additional metrics about the Java Virtual Machine to HiveMQ’s internal metric registry. This allows for a deeper insight on what is happening inside the Java Virtual Machine and provides interesting information on memory usage and other runtime metrics provided by the JVM running HiveMQ.

These metrics include information about:

  • Memory usage
  • Threads
  • Class Loaders
  • Garbage Collection
  • Open Files
  • Buffer Pool

For a more detailed listing of the included metrics see the detailed list of metrics.


1. Download the plugin
2. Unzip the contents of your download
2. Copy the jar file to the plugins folder inside your HiveMQ folder.
3. Done

Example Usage

1. Run HiveMQ (with the JMX Plugin)
2. Open the JMX monitoring tool of your choice (for example Java Mission Control or JConsole)
3. Choose the HiveMQ process and switch to the MBean window
4. You can find all exposed metrics under the metrics folder starting with com.hivemq.jvm


No configuration is needed, it works out of the box