JMX Plugin

Version: 3.1.1
License: Apache v2

This HiveMQ plugin enables JMX monitoring for HiveMQ. When the plugin is loaded you can use any JMX monitoring tool to get statistics and insights of HiveMQ.

Here is an excerpt of the metrics that are exposed over JMX:

  • All active clients
  • All inactive clients
  • How many messages of a certain message type (Publish, Subscribe, …) were received
  • How many messages of a certain message type were sent
  • Total number of subscriptions
  • Total number of retained messages
  • … and many more


1. This plugin is shipped with HiveMQ. Look for it in the plugins folder
2. Otherwise copy the jar file to your [HIVEMQ_HOME]/plugins folder
3. Done


1. Run HiveMQ
2. Open the JMX monitoring tool of your choice (for example Java Mission Control or JConsole)
3. Choose the HiveMQ process and switch to the MBean window
4. You can find all exposed metrics under the metrics folder starting with com.hivemq


No configuration is needed, it works out of the box