Graphite Plugin

Version: 3.1.2
License: Apache v2

The HiveMQ Graphite plugin allows to publish all Metrics of HiveMQ to your Graphite installation. This plugin collects
internal HiveMQ statistics and also uses custom metrics hooked into HiveMQ with the MetricService of the plugin system.

This Graphite plugin also supports batching, so if you want to have metrics in second resolution in Graphite but don’t want
to have the huge network overhead by sending it actually every few seconds, you can batch the send action of the metrics.


  1. Copy the jar file to your [HIVEMQ_HOME]/plugins folder
  2. Copy the file to your [HIVEMQ_HOME]/conf folder
  3. Modify the file for your Graphite installation
  4. Done


  1. Run HiveMQ
  2. HiveMQ will report automatically publish all Metrics (including custom metrics registered by other plugins) to Graphite in the configured time interval


The configuration file can be changed at runtime. It supports the following configuration options:

Property Description
host The hostname or IP address
port The Graphite Port
batchMode If metrics should be batched
batchSize The number of batches before sending the data
reportingInterval The interval to send metrics
prefix The prefix of all metrics


Adding new metrics to Graphite using the default configuration is slow. Meaning it can take up to more than an hour until all the HiveMQ metrics are added and can be seen on the dashboard.
To fix this, make sure to increase the following values in Graphite’s ‘carbon.conf’. The provided example provides all HiveMQ metrics to the dashboard within about 5 minutes on a 2 node cluster.

Example configuration file