Elastic Beam Plugin

Version: 1.0
License: Apache v2

HiveMQ Elastic Beam™ Plugin

This plugin allows integration with the Load Balancer and Proxy Elastic Beam™. HiveMQ exposes a healthcheck, so Elastic Beam is able to add and remove the cluster nodes at runtime.

How it works

This plugin provides a healthcheck for Elastic Beam via HTTP, which means Elastic Beam is able to detect if a HiveMQ instance is offline and the Load Balancer is thus able to remove the HiveMQ node from the load balancing.


  1. Copy the jar file plugins/elasticbeam-plugin-.jar to your [HIVEMQ_HOME]/plugins folder
  2. Copy the conf/elasticbeam.properties file to your [HIVEMQ_HOME]/conf folder
  3. Modify the elasticbeam.properties file for your needs
  4. Done


  1. Start HiveMQ


The ElasticBeam plugin uses its own configuration file ‘elasticbeam.properties’ which must be placed in HiveMQ’s config folder.

Config name Required Description



The port on which the heartbeat HTTP service should listen. Default is 9090



The bind address of the heartbeat HTTP service. Use if you want to listen on all interfaces.



The Path where the heartbeat HTTP service is located. Default ist /elasticbeam/heartbeat

Note: Paths to servlets always start with [ip-address]:[port]/servlet

The default path for a locally running HiveMQ is: localhost:9090/servlet/eleasticbeam/heartbeat

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